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  1. Crazy Chams

    Gravid Pairs of Jacksons Chameleon's

    Hi im have here several pairs of gravid Jacksons Chameleons. These chams are young adults and LTC. These animals have been in my care for 3 months and all have been dewormed. All animals are hydrated and feeding very well. We are currently have them priced for $150 for gravid pairs, and $120...
  2. Crazy Chams

    Gorgeous Blue Bar Ambilobe 4 sale

    I have this wonderful Blue Bar Ambilobe up forsale. This baby has a ton of color coming in with every shed. You can see the vibrant blue bars with alot of red coming in. Priced to sell for $ 300 shipped. You can email me at [email protected] or shoot me a PM with any question you might have...
  3. Crazy Chams

    Look How Pink

    Hey just came outside today and was checking my chams. Well I decided to check my Pink Panther, low and behold his colors were just stunning. He's never this pink so I decided to run and get the camera and snap away. Enjoy :)
  4. Crazy Chams

    Orange Ambilobe 4 Sale

    I have this beatiful Red Bar Ambilobe up fpr grabs. When this beauty fires up he's completly orange and it looks as if he's glowing. I need to make room so he's priced at $325 shipped. Email me at [email protected] or PM . Thanks For Looking Steve:D
  5. Crazy Chams

    Beautiful Baby Sambava Panthers

    I have the gorgeous baby Sambavas available. These babies are showing very bright oranges and lots of barring. There priced to sell for $150 plus shipping.
  6. Crazy Chams

    Red Bar Ambilobe Panther

    I have to nice sub-adult red bar ambilobe forsale. He's about 6 months of age and feeding daily on crickets and silkworms. He will be priced for $350 shipped. If you have any other questions you can email me at [email protected] Thanks for looking Steve
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