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  1. lainezor

    Possible infection

    So I have made a few threads on this website about Floyd, my 3.5 year old male panther chameleon and I have had my enclosure and routine approved by many of the senior members here so I will skip the chameleon info section and get straight into it. Floyd has been dark and spending time at the...
  2. lainezor

    In memory of Eugene

    Hello everyone, you may remember the story of Eugene my 3 year old veiled. I made a really long post on here a few months ago.I took him to a different reptile vet and she had told me it was a bad case of gout and that it is extremely painful for him and I should really consider putting him...
  3. lainezor

    Eugene's medical mystery

    Hello guys, you might remember me from a post several months ago about Eugene's lumps. This is going to be a long story. I have been struggling for the last 9.5 months with my 2.5 year old male veiled chameleon Eugene. He has been through several vet trips and we still dont know what is going on...
  4. lainezor

    3 year old male veiled lumps on body and tail

    For the last couple weeks I have noticed my chameleon developing hard bumps all over his body. They are not discoloured and he doesnt seem to mind them being poked at. He started to lose grip in his front right leg and is a bit swollen in his hands so I rushed him to the vet today. I had...
  5. lainezor

    werner's chameleon eyes closed and mouth open

    Hello everyone, I have a Werner's chameleon named Syd, age unknown, whom i've had for 8 months, recently stop opening his eyes. Yesterday I took him to the vet and he said there was some debris in his eye and to give him an anti-inflammatory called Metacam and use an eye wash solution to clear...
  6. lainezor

    Blood in urate + sperm plugs

    Hi everyone. My 2 year old male panther chameleon Floyd pooped today and his urate was coated in blood. The urate itself was nice and white under the blood. I am very concerned. I checked his vent and there is a piece of sperm plug hanging out of him. I am not sure what to do right now. I can...
  7. lainezor

    Outdoor free range question

    Yesterday I saw a great sale on some nice looking Hibiscuses at Costco and I thought they would be good for my chameleons to sit on outside. I want to keep it on the balcony of my apartment for my sun time for my chams. I am really scared of something hurting my chameleons outside, like a bird...
  8. lainezor

    Canadian Feeder help

    Hey guys I have recently noticed that I have developed an allergy to crickets. When I touch them to feed my pets I break out in hives! I also sneeze like crazy when I am in room I keep the crickets. I live in Canada and all roaches are illegal. I am wondering if I need to suck it up and deal...
  9. lainezor

    pictures needed for video project

    Hey guys I am making a youtube video about chameleons and I dont have any female chams, I was wondering if anyone had some great pictures of chameleons laying eggs in bins. I know some of you have great photography skills and I am looking for a larger high-res picture if possible. I dont want to...
  10. lainezor

    Water question

    Hey guys I just started a new job today, I realized its going to be long days and i might not be home much during the day time to water my chameleons. I use a dripper in the morning at 8:00 for 30 minutes but then I wont be home again until at least 6:30PM (some nights I might not make it home...
  11. lainezor

    amazing umbrella plants!

    I was at rona today and I saw absolutely lovely Schefflera arboricolas and I grabbed one for each chameleon. I have never seen them this big anywhere so I was really excited. so many to choose from My veiled chameleon, Eugene's plant ready for his enclosure
  12. lainezor

    moving worms on stool

    I just did my routine clean up of the boys and I found something rather unnerving. My 8 month old male veiled chameleon had a pile of poop in the base of one of his pathos plants. I went to clean it up and realized that it was moving... It had little white/beige worms crawling all over it. Is...
  13. lainezor

    Enclosure for injured chameleon

    Hey guys, my chameleon has his left back leg splinted to his tail and is unable to walk properly. The vet told me to make sure he doesn't climb (which you see doesn't really stop him but at least he doesn't have a big plant to climb up,also he gets this far and goes back down). After like 10...
  14. lainezor

    chameleon wont eat medicated crickets.

    same guy from broken leg thread. Hes home now with splint and I put the meds on his crickets and he wont eat them, it is way past his bed time and i know the meds are anti inflamatory so what do I do? there are 4 large crickets, do I try to force feed him or take them out or leave them and turn...
  15. lainezor

    Broken leg? PLEASE HELP

    I went to check on my male veiled chameleon and he was in the bottom corner of the cage all grey. I picked him up and his leg looks really screwed up. I think he might have fallen and broke it, I put him back on the branch and he's back on the floor again. I know its not MBD because he is in...
  16. lainezor

    Floyd showing off his colours

    My boy Floyd being very handsome. Anyone have any ideas to his locale? I haven't really seen any other panther chameleon in this color pattern.
  17. lainezor

    White head veiled

    my 6 month old veiled is acting completely normal. He is on the same schedule as my other chameleons and is eating and pooping like normal. My only concern is that he "looks sick" to me. His head is much more pale than the rest of his body and hes shed a few times since I had him and nothing has...
  18. lainezor

    power bars

    Hey guys I have a pair of and I was wondering if I could plug two into one outlet receptical. I know you cannot daisy chain them I am just wondering if is going to be too large a load or start a fire. The...
  19. lainezor

    supplementation for baby veiled

    Hey guys, I just acquired a 5 month old Veiled chameleon. I was wondering what the supplements should be for him since he is younger. I have calcium with/without d3 and multivitamins for my other chameleon and reptiles. I don't want him to over dose or not have enough. Here's a picture of the...
  20. lainezor

    My new baby

    Guys meet Eugene! He is a 4.5 month old turquoise sunburst veiled chameleon!
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