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  1. ohiohousewife

    Cthulhu ~9 months old

    This is one of Todd Keller's babies. not great pics, but gives an idea of what a handsome boy he is. His sleeping colors are yellow and red. Still trying to get a decent pic of that. Thanks, Todd! oh, I was taking the pics bc i was concerned about the crust on his nostril. After having...
  2. ohiohousewife

    New Cthulhu pics

    He's been with us for 2 weeks, and he is doing great! Eats crickets and phoenix worms (my silkies all dried out ;( ). He has a room all to himself, so he is chilled out and happy.
  3. ohiohousewife

    Meet Cthulhu

    Cute little guy from Todd Keller's collection. Had a little bit of a challenge trying to figure out how to feed him 2 week crickets. He doesnt mind being hovered over their container! Urlich (RIP) was a stubby tail, so this whole getting up on hind legs is entertaining and new for us!
  4. ohiohousewife

    Urlich the Destroyer passed away

    Well, we tried. He looked like he was getting better this week too. We had had him to the vet several times in the past few months for eye infection, spinal injury (a result of weakening from the infection that could have gone to his spine), and pinworms. We were force feeding him tobacco...
  5. ohiohousewife

    Urlich's new colors

    These were the colors he greeted me with today. never seen him red before. It is interesting that his legs and tail are still green--he hasnt regained neurological control, evidently.
  6. ohiohousewife

    Need advice--another panther with hind leg paralysis

    Cage Info: Cage Type - Wood frame with screen on 3 sides. ~1.5' deep x 3'wide x 6' high Lighting - 2 100w domes 6" away from top perch, with a reptisun 5.0 also 6" from top. lights on at 6am, off at 5pm Temperature - I have a digital temp gauge with a basking spot of ~85 degrees, ambient...
  7. ohiohousewife

    Saved by the addiciton

    Last night, I dreamed I was in a dilapidated house that had some sort of monster in it. My dog was lying still at my feet, bleeding. I reached forward and opened the door in front of me, behind which was surely hiding a terrifying beast ready to rend my limbs from my body. On the wall was all...
  8. ohiohousewife

    One sleepy chameleon!

    Shedding is exhausting, I guess.
  9. ohiohousewife

    What kind of mulberry tree for silkies?

    I've been toying with the idea of getting a tree and a lamp and seeing if I can have a go at keeping the tree to keep the worms, but there are like 15 different kinds of trees. does it matter which kind of mulberry tree?
  10. ohiohousewife


    Rotten cham wont eat the hornworms I bought him. He gobbled up the last bunch, so I got 2 cups. now he is spoiled on supers, and wont touch these guys! guess I'm going to take a crack at breeding bc they are getting way too big to try to feed off...
  11. ohiohousewife

    Urlich the Destroyer does his best King Kong impersonation

    my boy was out in the sun.
  12. ohiohousewife

    Wet gutload tip

    Got my cham a month ago. Spent a million dollars buying bee pollen, blue green algae and all sorts of greens, fruits, etc for my gutload. The dry is easy enough to store. For the wet, I drew on my experience as a young mom. i used to make my own baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays so I...
  13. ohiohousewife

    Anyone live in Columbus, Ohio?

    There is a very sad looking Melleri @ a pet store. I am not qualified to ask the owner for him, nor to offer advice on how to care for him. His eyes are sunken and closed--I've been in twice in the past 2 weeks. He looks skinny. Please PM me, and I'll give you details on the store. Terri
  14. ohiohousewife

    New baby Urlich the Destroyer

    Urlich the Destroyer arrived Thrusday (thanks Cham Kingdom!). He's sweet, and I seem to be having all the same anxiety every other new owner has. I havent seen him eat. I havent seen him drink. I'm having a hard time trying to find that fine line between freaking him out, and looking for...
  15. ohiohousewife

    Pet store or online crickets

    Any opinion on whether I should buy my new baby panther's crickets from the pet store or online? Do I just chuck them in the cage or should I try to get them up near the cham? Should I use a tweezer to get a feeling for how many he eats? Thanks! Terri and my soon to be delivered...
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