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  1. nbhs_lauren08

    What's wrong with her??? :(

    I am really concerned about my chameleon..just a few minutes ago, she started acting really strange. She was drinking her water like she normally does and then she opened her mouth really wide and spit out her tongue and shook her head around. She pulled her tongue back in and then did it all...
  2. nbhs_lauren08

    Need a name for my little fish..

    It's kind of an apricot color on it's body, then it fades into a pinkish color on the fins, then on the tips of all the fins, its an irridescent light blue color. On the bottom fins, there are red spots. He has very light blue eyes. GORGEOUS FISH!!! :) I've never seen one like him so that's why...
  3. nbhs_lauren08

    Should I introduce a new male chameleon to my female?

    Okay. My male flap-neck just died about a week ago and it was my female's mate. The first few nights he was gone and she had the cage to herself, she seemed kind of scared and just wasn't moving around as much as she was when the other guy was in there. She's doing well now but I don't know if...
  4. nbhs_lauren08

    Trying to think of a name for my new chameleon...suggestions?

    Hey, I don't know if thats wierd to name them or not...but I name all my pets.:) I love them. Anyways, she's a beautiful flap-necked chameleon.. about a year old...any suggestions?
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