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  1. LuckyFitto

    Walking on ground...?

    Hey guys - My 4 month Veiled has been walking around on the floor a lot recently. She is a female - is this a sign of eggs on the way? If so - what should i do to prepare... is a 12" x 12" tub of sand the appropriate thing to use? If so.. what kind of sand, what kind of container... etc...
  2. LuckyFitto

    Post a pic here.. !! read

    Hey guys - Just for fun - i am starting a website where everyone can post beautiful, funny, or just ordinary pictures of there pets !! The address is... I have a couple pictures up - it is a simple set up and the email is posted if you want to add a...
  3. LuckyFitto

    Piranha video

    Thought you guys would enjoy this - my 2 Red Bellied Piranhas enjoying some feeder fish !!
  4. LuckyFitto

    Female Veiled Question..

    Hey guys ! Here is a question... I have a 3 month old FEMALE Veiled ... i have read a lot about Egg bearing... but i have a few questions.. When exactly should i be expecting her to start producing eggs? How do i make sure she doesn't die from this natural event? I have read that...
  5. LuckyFitto

    Male and Female together?

    Just wondering... is it ok to keep a male and female veiled chameleon together? I have a 4' x 2' enclosure.. thanks !! Here is a video of my 3 month old female ...
  6. LuckyFitto

    Food Dish? Ok? or No?

    Is my food dish ok where it is at? Or should i have it somewhere higher in the cage so she doesn't have to climb down every time she wants to eat? Here is a video....
  7. LuckyFitto

    New video of my new cham !!

    Here she is !... i took this new video of her coming down from her vines to much on some meal worms... enjoy !
  8. LuckyFitto

    New cham :d

    FINALLY... i am BACK. it has been years but i am back with a new cham... here is a video of her eating... check it out
  9. LuckyFitto

    breeding mice..

    anyone know anything about it?
  10. LuckyFitto

    breeding mice..

    anyone know anything about it?
  11. LuckyFitto

    Sweet Set up!!

    Hey guys, so today after a lot of driving, my gas light is now on.. =(. but the good news is i got all the things i needed for my new aquarium. Its half water, half land. right now it currently has 2 fire belly newts, and a fire belly toad. they were in the same cage in the pet store, and they...
  12. LuckyFitto


    so i havent fed my chameleon for a while due to not enough time for a trip to the closest place for food (30 min away) i know its bad... but finally today i got them and fed him. i put about 10 meal worms in his cage and he ate about 7 or 8 of them. but now he is acting weird, such as laying on...
  13. LuckyFitto

    Outdoor Veield Cage???

    Hey, im thinking about putting up an outdoor cage for my veiled chameleon. Im gunna build it out of wood and then the screen. you know what theose look like. I live in Chicago and was gunna have it outside during the summer. Are there restrictions on the temperatures i can have my chameleon...
  14. LuckyFitto

    Left eye?

    my chameleons left eye seems to be closed a lot with his right eye still open. i thought it was gunna be a permanent problem because when i got him it wuld be closed all the time. now its getting better and better.. but any suggestions??
  15. LuckyFitto

    first shed...

    my chameleon is in the process of its first shed... its about 2 inches big also. can anyone put those 2 together and tell me how old it is? Also any tips i can do for my chameleon while it is shedding? thanks.
  16. LuckyFitto


    my chameleon seems to sleep a lot... is this normal?
  17. LuckyFitto

    UVB light

    I read somewhere that your suppose to not have plastic or glass inbetween your light and your chameleon. anyone know if this is true or not
  18. LuckyFitto

    Help with feeding problem..

    I just got my chameleon a couple days ago... i fed him the first day i had him and he ate around 3-5 crickets while i was watching. Now, he still has some crickets in his cage. Probably around 7 but i havent seen him eat any of them at all. Does this mean he is just still digesting the crickets...
  19. LuckyFitto

    Color changing..

    I have a baby veiled chameleon and i was just wondering what colors will it be able to turn into when its an adult... and how long it will take before he/she can start changing colors.. thanks
  20. LuckyFitto

    I just got a veiled....

    Hey i just got a veiled chameleon.. i got it the first day the reptile house had them so im guessing its fairly young... its pretty small so i was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions or just basic help you could tell me... thanks..John
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