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  1. Alexa10210

    Female or Male?

    Thank you!! I didn't know if something was wrong but if I were to try and breed her some day, would that mean there's a problem with her?
  2. Alexa10210

    What's the next step to tame my veild chameleon???

    This sounds strange but I used an oven mitt and held it next to mine for a long time and she would crawl onto it then slowly I'd lift it out of the cage with her on it and my other hand was free without and oven mitt so then she slowly got skin to skin contact if she wanted to. Now I don't have...
  3. Alexa10210

    am i doing something wrong?

    You could try to hand feed him with a worm and it will build up trust again
  4. Alexa10210

    Female or Male?

    Here is Eddy at first I thought she was a male but just stuck with the name.
  5. Alexa10210

    Female or Male?

    I'm new to this and I can't post my own thing yet but I know positively I have a female veiled. She doesn't have spurs or a bulge by her tail but she's two years old now and has never laid eggs? I don't breed her but I know they're supposed to lay them even if that's not the case. She hasn't...
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