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    Time to go to the vet?

    August 2015 it hasnt been born yet, :), jk, maybe some photos might help us id the problem Sana
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    I use ecoearth, just a small layer in a mesh screen, i replace it every 3 weeks, i dont have any drainage since it soaks up all the water from the mister Sana
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    Did he learn his lesson?

    I believe that it thinks it is still very light, is the cage made of mesh, is it fine mesh?, then his nails/claws might have trouble grasping, so leave the bubble wrap for now, and if it happenes again you could try a different gauge mesh for its cage, good luck Sana
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    Male or female?

    If its a vailed, then i would say female Sana
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    Keeping a panther outside

    I have been keeping my panthers outside since january, i live in tijuana mexico, near the san diego california area, the temp has gone down to the low 40's, i do it because in december i lost a cham outside, it took me about 2 weeks to find it, i basically knew where it was, but it was a lot of...
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    What kind of chameleon is this

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    Hornworms around san diego area

    Hello i am looking for hornworms to feed my cham, anyone has some for sale around the san diego area, lmk availability and price, thanks Sana
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    Female Nosy Be Egg Laying

    Nice looking chams you have there, i believe she might be to young to lay eggs for now, but what you can do is put a lay bin inside her cage just in case, good luck Sana
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    How do I know if my chamleon is drinking?

    Yes if its urates are orange in color, they mean that your chameleon is not getting hydrated Sana
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    Mystery Egg Update

    Tiny velociraptor yay Sana
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    Mystery Egg Update

    What? Sana
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    Mystery Egg Update

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    Thoughts on a corner cage

    Great idea, cage on wheels, hmmm, i might do that, thanks Sana
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    Distilled Water

    I use purified water which still contains a little bit or minerals, i use it because i have noozzles and they will clog up if i use tap water and i drink too Sana
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    How old is he

    Its a male, i can see his mans parts, lol Sana
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    Clear gel

    If its clear and gel like, then your chameleon is gettting well hydrated, i read its extra moisture or water, nothing to worry about Sana
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    toenails fungal infection / ambilobe red bar

    I see a difference where the nails suppose to be, in the first pictures the nubs look dark, but cant see the infection, and on the second pictures the nubs look whiter and still no infection, the nails are worn down and from what i have read they won't likely grow back Sana
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    How far can he see?

    Wow, that is what happened to me to, i was hand feeding my cham and noticed one of its eyes was facing upward and when i looked up a plane was flying through Sana
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    A Funny Mishap....

    the same to me, but it was only 5 gallons of water, it was at night so woke up to 5 gallons of water on the floor Sana
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    Probably the funniest video I captured

    Hahahah, nice video, reminded me when i used to do that to my brother every time he did not pay attention, i thru a pillow at him Sana
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