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  1. stephencartolano

    New documentary featuring chameleons

    Thought some of you would enjoy this documentary on madagascar! Ive seen every documentary regarding chameleons including the two I purchased from the bookstore, but I was surprised when I found this one I hadn't seen. its 50 minutes long and...
  2. stephencartolano

    Chameleons viewed in infrared lighting

    I've recently come across photos taken in the infrared light spectrum and its pretty spectacular to see the difference, Im wondering if anyone has ever taken infrared photos of different chameleons. Ive read that chameleons can see infrared light so I'm interested in seeing what colors come out...
  3. stephencartolano

    Smiling Parsonii drawing

    I felt like drawing a chameleon after class and decided to draw Padre, who passed away right as I joined the forum, rip; hope Jann likes it :)
  4. stephencartolano

    strange live vines ok?

    Attached are pictures of two different species of vine from my backyard, does anyone know what species, or if they're safe? Can the be propagated or air-layerd so I can have living vines in my chams cage? They seem to grow very fast, the vines planted in the pots that are growing up the...
  5. stephencartolano

    Its a start, but what next for panther?

    So I'm starting to pick up everything I need, I've got a ficus and an umbrella plant so far, and I just picked up a power sun uvb bulb. Im wondering if I'll need an additional heat source, and has anyone used this bulb and been successful, let me know if this looks like the wrong product. What...
  6. stephencartolano

    ambanja x sambava

    Anyone else see the youngsters LLL is selling that are ambanja x sambava hybrids? That sounds like a really interesting hybrid to me, if anyone out there has a similar hybrid, or any hybrid panther for that matter, please post a picture of it! I know some people frown upon hybrid morphs, but I'm...
  7. stephencartolano

    ID on this blue kenyan chameleon with horns?

    link: Some sort of jacksons, anyone know what it is specifically?
  8. stephencartolano

    2 chameleon experiments: wind / head bobbing

    Ive just been thinking about all the research I've done in preparation of getting my first furcifer pardalis and two weird ideas have come across my mind recently and I haven't been able to find anything on the forum so I'm hoping some experienced owners can chime in: 1: I've read countless...
  9. stephencartolano

    How to choose young chameleons

    I'm not a breeder or anything, I was just wondering if there are any ways that one might pick the best specimen from a batch of young chameleons. What signs would one look for to pick one that would mature into a colorful, prime example of the species? I am aiming to get a panther chameleon...
  10. stephencartolano

    Have you guys seen this cham documentary?

    Hey, I'm a fairly new addition to the forums, but not too new to the world of chameleons, been doing a lot of research the past year before I get one (definitely a panther) and I've probably watched almost every chameleon video on youtube and was pretty shocked I had missed this one, I was super...
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