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  1. Harley510

    Help ?

    So in november last year i was on vacation visiting family and i got a phone call from my grandmother who was feeding and taking care of my baby girl and she told me that my poor Harley was at the bottom of her cage and slightly grey. At that point i already knew what had happened. Unfortunately...
  2. Harley510


    Recently the bay area was warned of a possible 5 day power outage. The low humidity plus wind and tempature won’t be great for my girl so should i just put her close to my window and hope for the best with the UVB? I know they can go a while without eating in the wild but should i just slow...
  3. Harley510

    Harlequinn crestie

    a customer at my job was rehoming some of his reptiles and i decided to ask him if he had any cresties so he gave me his 1 1/2 year old female( i think ) harlequinn crestie :) i’m gonna be housing it in a 18x18x36 exo terra as soon as i get off of work :) I’ll post pics later for anyone that...
  4. Harley510

    Newsest addition to my addiction lol

    still a little young to gender so it’s not named yet but welcome to the family little feller. In a 12x12x18 for now. Cork rounds for hides and plant pot pothos, frog moss, new zealand sphagnum moss soon springtails :) Hopefully i’ll be able to keep it comfortable enough that it won’t eject...
  5. Harley510

    Re-Homing a gecko

    Before I say anything, sorry if this is the wrong thread. But in June I rescued a underweight mistreated female leopard gecko. She’s nice and healthy now and I feel it’s time to give her to a good home. “ Fancy “ morph i’m guessing about 1-2 years old. Female eats all feeders. Located in...
  6. Harley510

    One year

    Got my little drama queen a year ago today :) First picture was the first picture i took of her and the second one was taken last night After work i plan on giving her one of every feeder she loves :)
  7. Harley510

    Anyone get a pic like this ?

    Told my girlfriend i’d give her 10$ if she could get my little girl out her enclosure and I got a pic of her hissing. ( She gets handled like once or twice a month at most. I’m the only person to ever hold her or interact with her until my girlfriend got her lol ) I think this picture is...
  8. Harley510

    Chameleon being picky?

    So i’ve fed my adult female veiled all sizes of horn worms, mealworms, wax worms, super worms, wax worworms, locusts, bsfl, silk worms and even collard greens . ( Crickets obviously being the staple in her diet ) Yet she absolutely refuses the dubias I have. Are they too small perhaps? ( i have...
  9. Harley510

    Recommendations ??

    Recently just set up my baby pac man frogs enclosure. 10gal tank, cork wood for a hide with frog moss, small water bowl, fake plant, under heat mat set up to a thermostat at 86 for the warm side. I want to pop in one of my baby pothos plants in there but i don’t wanna have to add any extra...
  10. Harley510

    Pac Man frogs anyone ?

    Thinking of getting some type of pac man baby this friday. possible albino or apricot or maybe even a strawberry pineapple. When I rescued my leopard gecko i got a 10gal tank so i figure that’s perfect for a little baby pac man. anyone else here keep those ? ( if so post pictures below :) )
  11. Harley510


    I was thinkin about getting my little Harley tattooed on my left wrist because she was the first pet that was genuinely mine ( mine as in full responsibility on the care/costs ) and she helped me get through a very rough patch in my life. How ever i don’t think she’ll be too happy with seeing...
  12. Harley510

    stepping up my feeders

    Recently just got my 700 count crickets :) I have them in a 1x8x8 plastic critter cage with organic chicken crumble feed as substrate( and they can eat it ) with a good ol mix of veggies for gutloading Saturday my 200 dubias come in as well :)
  13. Harley510

    Help pls

    So i’ve had my female veiled for approaching a year now and i’m looking into taking her into a vet just to do a check up/possible X ray to see if she is overall healthy. Does anyone know of any vets in the Oakland, Ca area? I’ve called a few dozen vets and i can’t seem to find any. ( I even...
  14. Harley510

    Rescue :)

    Recently talked to a friend and found out he had a leopard gecko that he could no longer take care of so me being me I decided to offer to take the girl in. He said he had it for 6 months and unfortunately he got it from pet smart and the employee there told him how to set it up incorrectly so...
  15. Harley510

    For all the bay area folks

    I heard a reptile store ( would rather not say ) in Hayward Ca is selling wild caught panther chams for 600$ If you’re thinking of getting a cham from the one specific reptile store in Hayward please be extremely cautious. A family friend bought a male panther from there for 600$ and it died 3...
  16. Harley510


    Recently discovered the zoo med electrolyte soak for reptiles. Is it good/useful/safe for chameleons/geckos ? There’s no reviews that i’ve seen so i’m looking for some opinions on it :)
  17. Harley510

    Meet Ivy :)

    Recently got an extremely nice female leopard gecko I believe she may be pregnant so I might be in for more then one :) ( Also any help getting her morph/age info ? )
  18. Harley510

    Yay for Harley

    Recently I’ve been taking advantage of the discount at the pet store I work at and I got my female a repti breeze XL ( only picture i’ve bothered saving of it down below ) but now she has plenty of space to explore. I have the little hammock covered in fake plants and my huge pothos with vines...
  19. Harley510

    Suggestions ?

    i recently bought a repti breeze XL and i’m waiting for the order of everything to come into my work so i can pay for y’all the stand and everything else to decorate it. Any suggestions on how i should set it up? I’m gonna put the plant i have currently in the new cage along with the sticks and...
  20. Harley510

    Been a while fellas

    Haven’t been on the forums recently ( by recent i mean like a good 4+ months ) This is my female veiled that’s roughly a year old now :) I’m still waiting on her to lay her eggs but pretty soon i plan on getting her into a reptibreeze XL ( currently she’s in the Large version of the cage...
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