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  1. Dabugman

    Smokey Sees The World

    Smokey decided to climb up his Little Dripper onto the stand that holds it...and see the world. I pointed out Madagascar, but we couldn't find Ambilobe. We need a more detailed map.
  2. Dabugman

    Well Baby Check Up

    I have a 5-6 month ambilobe. Do any of you take your cham in to the vet just for a physical when there are no signs of a problem, just to be sure the little guy is, in fact, OK? Or would the trip there be more stressful than the benefit? Maybe just run a fecal instead?
  3. Dabugman

    Tongue Hit Finger by Mistake

    I have been handfeeding a worm or two every couple of days, just because it is fun and I hope it helps build trust with and socialize my 5 month panther, Mr. Smokey. I was holding a small hornworm for him this morning (he LOVES hornworms!) and he just missed and got my finger instead. The...
  4. Dabugman

    You know you are a chamleon owner if you

    Newbie here…I have had my 4 month old ambilobe, Mr. Smokey, for a month now, and with my experiences and combing these forums, I already feel like a part of the community because I can identify with so much of what is discussed in one way or another. To all of you contributors, thank you so...
  5. Dabugman

    My New Ambilobe and Observations

    Got my first chameleon (4 month old Ambilobe--bright green and blue bars, with some red coming in underneath) a couple weeks ago and thought I would share my experiences: I stupidly failed to unplug a ceramic heat emitter I had put on a cabinet and dang near burned my house down As it was...
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