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  1. Harley510

    Help ?

    So in november last year i was on vacation visiting family and i got a phone call from my grandmother who was feeding and taking care of my baby girl and she told me that my poor Harley was at the bottom of her cage and slightly grey. At that point i already knew what had happened. Unfortunately...
  2. Harley510


    Recently the bay area was warned of a possible 5 day power outage. The low humidity plus wind and tempature won’t be great for my girl so should i just put her close to my window and hope for the best with the UVB? I know they can go a while without eating in the wild but should i just slow...
  3. Harley510

    What's up with this snake?

    I’m guessing banded water snake with a odd patern( due to head not bein as large as water moccasins ) then again i would highly suggest leaving it be.
  4. Harley510

    Anole Curiosity......

    i tried to feed my girl a green anole a few months ago she just looked at it then looked at me and walked to her favorite hiding spot lol
  5. Harley510

    Harlequinn crestie

    bad pic but heft amount of foliage for it
  6. Harley510

    Harlequinn crestie

    I hope i have a male and a female. the possibility for a red tiger would be tight. i wanna find a local breeder with a halloween crestie :)
  7. Harley510

    Harlequinn crestie

    a customer at my job was rehoming some of his reptiles and i decided to ask him if he had any cresties so he gave me his 1 1/2 year old female( i think ) harlequinn crestie :) i’m gonna be housing it in a 18x18x36 exo terra as soon as i get off of work :) I’ll post pics later for anyone that...
  8. Harley510

    Who opened Pandora’s box!

    I’m glad she went to a good home :)
  9. Harley510

    Newsest addition to my addiction lol

    Nope. Only reptile to ever do that to be was my pacman frog and a gargoyle geckos at work
  10. Harley510

    Newsest addition to my addiction lol

    still a little young to gender so it’s not named yet but welcome to the family little feller. In a 12x12x18 for now. Cork rounds for hides and plant pot pothos, frog moss, new zealand sphagnum moss soon springtails :) Hopefully i’ll be able to keep it comfortable enough that it won’t eject...
  11. Harley510

    Re-Homing a gecko

    Here’s some updated pictures. Her tails nice and fat. She’s not as long as my other female. But she’s definitely in better condition then what i got her in.
  12. Harley510

    Re-Homing a gecko

    This was her when i first got her. She’s chunkier now. I’ll take a new picture of her when i got off of work
  13. Harley510

    Re-Homing a gecko

    Before I say anything, sorry if this is the wrong thread. But in June I rescued a underweight mistreated female leopard gecko. She’s nice and healthy now and I feel it’s time to give her to a good home. “ Fancy “ morph i’m guessing about 1-2 years old. Female eats all feeders. Located in...
  14. Harley510

    One year

    Got my little drama queen a year ago today :) First picture was the first picture i took of her and the second one was taken last night After work i plan on giving her one of every feeder she loves :)
  15. Harley510

    Gargoyle Geckos - My New Love

    No love for the leo’s :(
  16. Harley510

    Age old question answered...

    snakes are friends :( ( in the pic this is a 5 foot almost 6 foot cage aggressive columbian boa ) Most of the time they’re just scared. But beware of the coral snake. Very very very very very venomous
  17. Harley510

    Does my veiled cham look ok?

    If he’s still new to you it’ll take him a few days/even a few weeks to get used to his new surroundings. I’d recommend making sure the temps/humidity are correct, he’s being fed and supplemented correctly, misted long enough and often enough, and even add some more foliage( fake or real plants...
  18. Harley510

    Porch pet alligator lizard

    Lol might as well keep the little guy since he hangs around so often
  19. Harley510

    Trading Chameleons

    The little fella is gorgeous
  20. Harley510


    I deal with a little over 700 chicks a week at work lol i see a lot of people questioning poo on their buts
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