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  1. Dabugman

    how to start feeding every other day?

    I guess it will soon be time to taper off the feeding for my Panther, who is about a year old now. I know he will be pi$$ed! I can just see it now...(him) WTF? Where's the bugs dude? I've looked everywhere and NOTHING! WTF? WTF? I'm HUNGRY!!!!!! (Then he will resort to namecalling and...
  2. Dabugman


    Call and ask them how much for a visit
  3. Dabugman

    Calling all kammer babies

    Here's Smokey (son of One Step Beyond)
  4. Dabugman

    LLreptile cage loops

    I have two huge pothos hanging from the loops in my guy's cage as we speak--they hold just fine....
  5. Dabugman

    Do you think it might have killed her?

    My guy is named Smokey because I almost started a fire on the console on which the cage was set with a heat lamp that I forgot to unplug. The smoke filled the room pretty good, and emanated from a spot right next to the cage. He was and is fine, however. The long and short of it is that...
  6. Dabugman

    chameleon names :)

    My panther is named Smokey. Shortly after I got him, I darn near barbequed him by leaving a heat lamp on the wood cage stand, filling the room with smoke, and finding this just before the smoldering turned to flame. He came through it just fine, and ever since he has been Smokey.
  7. Dabugman

    New Gutload

    Can you describe what you do a little more? Do you grind it all up? How? What is the consistency when it defrosts?
  8. Dabugman

    So iv decided to kill my chameleon....

    I don't need an April Fools Day to try to kill my guy. I have already almost started a fire by his cage with a ceramic heat lamp, which resulted in lots of smoke but thankfully no fire before we interceded. Then a couple of months later, a dripper placed on top of his cage collapsed the top...
  9. Dabugman

    Mold and SUperworms

    Same happens to me once in a while. I have had to pour all the contents of the tub--worms and meal--onto a newspaper and pick all the worms out to put them in fresh, nonmoldy meal. That was an experience! The worms start crawling off the paper in all directions with impressive speed--it was...
  10. Dabugman

    LOL does anyone else's cham have a preferred pooping spot?

    My guy started pooping every day in his worm dish. He has even walked on the branch over the dish right in front of me, and stared at me as he did it like "take that!" I need to move the dish I guess, although I am considering leaving the dish there for easy clean up and having a separate worm...
  11. Dabugman

    misting systems - please help

    Mistking has worked perfectly for me
  12. Dabugman

    Had to euthanize my buddy tonight... :'(

    Thank you ling ling for posting what is really a cautionary tale for all of us. A while ago, I posted about my stupidity in allowing a ceramic heater to almost start a fire by my cham's cage (hence, his name: Smokey). I did not need and would not have appreciated posts telling me that I was...
  13. Dabugman

    Dumb question about flies...

    If you order fly pupae, you won't see maggots. The pupae are kind of like a large brown grain of riice. They are hard and don't move, much less wriggle, much less remind you of what you see in a dead animal. Give it a try!
  14. Dabugman

    Whos all from the SF bay area!

    I'm live in the East Bay. I have a 7 month old panther chameleon and a leopard tortoise (our leopard gecko just left for college with my son). I get my crickets from variious pet stores 100 at a time because I don't care to be a cricket farmer by buying larger lots by mail order (for the time...
  15. Dabugman

    My friend needs advice!!!

    the snake will seek heat--so a blanket with a heating pad under it on the floor over night may attract the kingsnake.
  16. Dabugman

    Mag naturals

    I have a small Pet Tech "granite" ledge worm feeder that I got from LLC Reptile. I have attached it to my screen cage with the very strong magnets and it works great. No bowing, holds to the screen, cham is happy to zap worms out of the shall plastic bowl that fits in the pre-made hole in the...
  17. Dabugman

    Smokey Sees The World

    He's an Ambilobe Panther Chameleon from Kammers. He's coming out of his second shed since I got him in mid December. He's about 7 months old.
  18. Dabugman

    Smokey Sees The World

    Smokey decided to climb up his Little Dripper onto the stand that holds it...and see the world. I pointed out Madagascar, but we couldn't find Ambilobe. We need a more detailed map.
  19. Dabugman

    The delivery/opening the box policy

    the first thing my guy when I transferred him from his container to his cage is to crawl up to the top of the cage, park himself under the UVB light, and bag some rays for about 15 minutes.....aahhhhhh let there be light...if only he had some sunglasses
  20. Dabugman


    Do NOT spoil him rotten! That is the worst thing you can do! Once you give them the upper hand, let me assure you all is lost. You decide what and when he will eat, when he should be handled and all other similar decisions. ...oh who am I kidding, I am a complete slave to my little guy...
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