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  1. Kleynie

    Possible shedding problem

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this is a problem or not to be honest, but thought that it can't hurt to ask anyway. Here's the form: Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Zeus, male Nosy be panther, born June 2019. Handling - Every day, when he wants to, he has always been a very sociable boy, although...
  2. Kleynie

    Oral Medication

    Hello all, I suspected parasites in Zeus a few weeks ago, so I had him tested, it came back negative for parasites, however, he does have an overgrowth of yeast. So anyway, he's been prescribed anti fungal medication over a 14 day period to get it back to a normal level. It's an oral liquid...
  3. Kleynie

    Slightly Lethargic in Mornings

    Hi all, Zeus has been doing brilliantly in his new vivarium, until about a week ago, when he started to become slightly lethargic in the mornings, and it is only in the mornings, I quite often have to make him move to under his basking spot. Once he has been under his basking spot, he is...
  4. Kleynie

    New Vivarium Husbandry Review Please

    Hello, After changing his vivarium on Wednesday, he seems a bit anxious, but does not have any problems as such, except from the whole getting used to it thing. So, I'm after a husbandry review for the new setup please. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 7 month old male Nosy Be panther, been in...
  5. Kleynie

    New Vivarium and a few Husbandry Changes

    Hi all, Over the last few weeks, I've been setting up a new 4'x2'x2' reptibreeze for Zeus. What a pain changing a live, bioactive vivarium has been. I've been preparing for weeks by making a custom planted background along with a substrate tray, drainage system and Oak stand. Today, I am finally...
  6. Kleynie

    What does he not like?

    Hi all, I'm not entirely sure what is wrong with my boy lately, so any help is appreciated. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male Nosy Be Panther chameleon, 5 months old, been in my care for about 2 months. Handling - Every day, he crawls out onto my hand at feeding time. Feeding - Staple...
  7. Kleynie

    Wax Worms

    Hi all, I've managed to convince Zeus to eat wax worms, he has never eaten worms before so I'm surprised I've managed to. Anyway, he now loves them, and I was wondering how often I can feed them to him? Am I good to feed them to him as a treat once a day? Or should it be less frequent? Thanks
  8. Kleynie

    Another Food Problem

    Your Chameleon - 4 month old male NosyBe Panther. Handling - Whenever he wants, he quite often walks onto my hand while I try and feed him, sometimes this is every day, sometimes it is less. Feeding - Mainly medium locusts (8-12mm), also medium black crickets (also 8-12mm), he does not seem to...
  9. Kleynie

    Rain System Problems

    Hi all, I purchased a used ReptiRain system from a friend earlier today, she says it has only been used a couple of times, and has been sat for a while. I set it up to test it, and sure enough, the pump sounds like it is working, however, there is no water coming out, which leads me to believe...
  10. Kleynie


    Hi all, I cleaned up after Zeus today and thought it would be a good idea to ask if you all think this is healthy looking? Thanks
  11. Kleynie

    New Vivarium Plants

    Hi all, Just a quick update for those that read the thread the other day that I made, Zeus is doing fine and has eaten well since. Anyway, today, we have added more plants and vines and removed a rubber tree from his Vivarium. It looks great, and he seems much happier with a plant nearer the...
  12. Kleynie

    New Chameleon

    Hi all, I joined the forums this morning to ask a question about my new 3 month old Nosy Be panther chameleon. His name is Zeus I got him on Tuesday this week from a trusted local breeder (specifically Global Geckos in Windlesham), and he has seemed to settle in really well overall, he seems...
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