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  1. kylocats

    Black color on Veiled in am?

    Hello One day this week when I was turning on my 5 month veiled heat and uv light, she was quite black. She went right to her basking spot and then returned to her beautiful green. It only once. Should I be concerned by this? Thanks. Oh yes her low temp that night went to 67 F.
  2. kylocats

    Temperature for veiled

    Is 90 to 92 F a ok temp for a 5 month veiled? Also is 69 F too low for night time. Thanks in advance
  3. kylocats

    Questions about Veiled housing

    Hello My female veiled is now 4 months and one week old. Is is old enough to move her to her new home which is a screen cage 24x24x48? Also is one heat lamp at the top of the enclosure enough or do i need to have another in the middle? Another question I have is how many crickets should she be...
  4. kylocats


    Hello I am wondering if it is ok to feed a veiled (2 and a half months) 4 crickets in the am and silkworms in the late afternoon.? I am not sure if silkworms can be fed daily? She does love them
  5. kylocats

    Handing misting

    I am hand misting my female veiled. Does the water have to be a certain temperature? Also when I do get a dripper system the same question does the water have to be a certain temperature? Thanks inadvance
  6. kylocats


    I had ordered silkworms online for Cammy. I ordered xsmall. They are finally turning white. I decided to try Cammy on them and I am happy to report that she ate 4 that I gave her with in 5 minutes of putting them in a dish for her.
  7. kylocats

    Yet another cage setup question

    sorry for the questions that may be repeats. I have a female veiled she is 3 months old now. She is in a glass cage. I have just purchased a 24x24x48 from FLChams.. I am looking for simple ideas ( I am not handy) to complete her setup. First Is she still too young to go into a cage this size...
  8. kylocats

    12 week old veiled

    Here are two pictures of my 12 week old female veiled. sorry about the quality of the pictures they were taken with a cell phone. does she look like she is healthy and the right size. thanks
  9. kylocats

    cricket size

    My female chameleon is 10 weeks old now. The problem I am having is the pet store in the town where I live only hve 4 and 5 week old crickets. Are these to big for Cammy? She has been eating about 4 to 5 of them a day. Should she be llooking fat or lean?
  10. kylocats

    Dead Crickets

    We had gotten 50 2 week old crickets for Cammy when we finally brought her home. The local pet store said they only had 3 week old crickets .. so we bought them.. they did seem a bit big for cammy (9 weeks old)Anyway my son and I fed her 4 at a time. We did our morning feed and then when to...
  11. kylocats


    LOL How often should a baby veil poop? My has not since Sunday.. Do I need to worry? Yes she is eating.
  12. kylocats

    Drinking water

    I have not seen my baby veil drink any water from the moisture on the plants. I took out the waterfall Sunday night and have not seen her drink since. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  13. kylocats


    Has anyone ordered a cage from FL Chams and if so do you like it? Thanks still looking for a new cage for Cammy
  14. kylocats

    Thank you

    I want to say thank you to the people who have helped me on this forum. Well tonight when Cammy went to sleep we removed the waterfalls and sure enough it had lots of dead crikets.. Also removed the bark and just put down paper towel.. Is there any thing else I could use .. or just change the...
  15. kylocats

    More cage questions?

    I am sorry in advance for my questions. I am sure most of the people that have used this forum for a long time must be getting tired of the same questions all the time. With that said I have spend hours reading past posts. My son Samuel who is 11 wanted a chameleon. Me being the mother LOL...
  16. kylocats


    At what age do you start offering veggies to a young veiled. Thanks
  17. kylocats


    How often does a veiled chameleon shed? Do they shed more often when young? My female Cammy is 8 weeks old. She shed today, it took about two hours.
  18. kylocats


    I just got my 8 week old female veiled chameleon. She is so cute. I am wondering if anyone has any good websites that I can go to. There are so many of them that I find the info confusing. Thanks in advance
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