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  1. Karmaleon

    Crickets dieieing. HYELP!

    Hey I have been ordering crickets from backwater reptiles and they've always been good.(YUM!lol) Yet just recently I only get to feed... maybe not even a quarter of them to my little dude as they suddenly die and get maggots? on them? Which makes me go huh?! cause, the place is pretty durn...
  2. Karmaleon

    dark spot above nose

    Okay here's the situation.. My little dude has a dark smooth spot just above his nose, is this normal? If it's not normal my guess is... a burn spot? but his heat lamp is plenty far enough away and the basking spot only gets to 80-85ish. I clean out his cage every other week with no back up of...
  3. Karmaleon

    moving outside

    I built a 48x32x32 outside house for my little dude. As the spot I chose doesn't get much direct sunlight if any, is there anything that I should change? Right now I dust his food daily with rep-cal calcium. On Saturday I switch it up between miner all (inside, I will be switching to miner all...
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