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  1. Junior28

    New Pictures of "SUBZERO" Nosy Faly

    Hi members, as the days go by "SUBZERO" has really impressed us! his color keeps getting whiter every time he fires up hes pretty blue in calm colors but fiesty as can be!! has bred to 2 females and about to stud him out to another lady!! hope you like him!
  2. Junior28

    18 nosy faly eggs

    Got home early from work today and went to check up on a laying bin that we had in a cage for a gravid female faly from the "PLUTO" Blood line that we bred to "RAMPAGE" Our WC Nosy Faly and found 18 healthy eggs! we are expecting some nice offsprings since these will be 100% Falys. the last...
  3. Junior28

    Boys out sunning

    Here are some pictures that I took thee other day. it was about 85 in Orange County nice day to take the boys out sunning and getting natural sun light. but its been getting pretty windy the last couple of days and Ive been having more time staying at home from work to enjoy our collection...
  4. Junior28

    "sub zero" nosy faly turning white body

    Well just thought i post some new pictures of "SUB ZERO" one of our stunning Nosy Faly. His White Body color has impressed us a lot! and just keeps turning whiter and whiter day by day! havent been able to get some good pictures when his completely white with the red rain just looks amazing! his...
  5. Junior28

    RB/BB Ambilobe Female Sired by "JUNIOR"

    Hello every one! Up for grabs is our last Ambilobe female she is a RB/BB and is about 4months old. Her hatch date is 10/24/11 to be exact. We were planning on keeping her for breeding perpusous but need the space for other locale projects that were working on. She is sired by "JUNIOR" a...
  6. Junior28

    Upcoming Bloodlines for 2012

    Want to share some pictures of some of our panther bins that we are currently incubating at home lilttle over 400 eggs that should be ready early and late this year plus about another 300 in our facility of panther and translucent veiled eggs. will post pics of those later. here we got NOSY...
  7. Junior28

    Meet "DON FALY" WC Nosy Faly

    "DON FALY" is another WC Nosy Faly Breeder of ours we are currently waiting for some of our females to be Receptive to start breeding him. here are some pictures firing up to our Beautiful Sambava "THE BEAST" hope you guys like them!
  8. Junior28

    "RAMPAGE" Nosy Faly Busy over the weekend!

    "RAMPAGE" another of our Nosy Faly Breeder was busy over the weekend bred to 2 females one is a WC female and the other is a female from the "PLUTO" Bloodline from one of our good friend! Trevor at Radiant Reptiles. will have several clutches available soon!!
  9. Junior28

    Meet "sub zero" wc nosy faly

    Hello every one! here are some pictures of another of our WC Nosy Faly "SUB ZERO" We are working very hard on this locale to bring new faly bloodlines available to every one on here! will be posting more pictures of more of our Faly Breeders hope you like them!
  10. Junior28

    "BISON" Nosy Faly Xmass Pic.

    Here's "BISON" one of our young WC Nosy Faly got to take him a xmass picture and some right before going to sleep hope you like them!
  11. Junior28

    "ice man" xmass pictures

    Hello every one! just want to share some of our Ambanja "ICE MAN" xmass pictures before the year is over hope you guy like them!
  12. Junior28

    Chameleons Finest Christmas Sale!!

    Hello every one! Take advantage and get your self or some one a Great Christmas Present! We will be offering our Jackson Chameleons and Veiled's on Sale! Today ONLY to the first 10 FORUM MEMBERS ONLY!!! For Pictures and info. you can go to our website at or look at our...
  13. Junior28

    Chameleons Finest Christmas Sale

    Hey every one just want to let every one know we will be having our Christmas Sale on Monday the 19th early morning. we will be having BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!!!:eek::D Will make a great Christmas Gift. Keep posted on the sale! we will only be shipping on monday because of the holidays and dont...
  14. Junior28

    "SNOW MAN" A True Ambanja

    "SNOW MAN" Is Just SPEECHLESS!! We would say he is one of the best Ambanjas out there! pictures say it all here he is.
  15. Junior28

    Pictures Of "SMOOTH JR"

    Here are some pictures of our Red bar Yellow Body Ambilobe "SMOOTH JR." sire by "MR.SMOOTH" (RIP):( he looks a lot like his daddy! we kept most of his offsprings to keep the ones that look just like him as Breeders. and here he is "SMOOTH JR." hope you guys like them will post new ones later!
  16. Junior28

    Every One Meet "FIRE MAN"

    Here are some pictures of one of our Beautiful W/C Ambilobe "FIRE MAN" hes Colors are Amazing!! got him very young and is now a Beauty!!! and NO ITS NOT BONZAI or any other Cham. people were asking!! hope you guys like them.
  17. Junior28

    "RAMPAGE" Nosy Faly

    Here are some pictures of one of our W/C Nosy Faly "RAMPAGE" Stunning Looking Boy! will have plenty of offsprings available mid 2012 and late 2012 hope you guys like them!
  18. Junior28

    "THE BEAST" New Pictures

    Here are some updated pictures of "THE BEAST" Our Fire Red Sambava Fiesty as always! Hope Guys Like Them!
  19. Junior28

    Pictures Of My Red Head "JR."

    Thought I share some pictures of my R/B B/B Ambilobe "JR." Since Lance started the Red Head Thread Here are some Pictures of my Red Head Hope you Guys like them!
  20. Junior28

    Now Available Veiled Chameleons sired by "GRUMPY" @ Chameleons Finest

    Now Available 3/3.5 month old Veiled Chameleons sired by "GRUMPY" Males and Females for more info. please go to
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