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    Incubating veiled eggs - steaming up?

    Okay so I have some veiled chameleon eggs (fertile) that have been incubating about a month. I looked at them today and the tub seems to be steaming up.. There is 15 in a tub at 30 degrees celcuis, what am I doing wrong? I attached a picture of the tub in the incubator.
  2. StickyPad

    Incubation tubs for veiled chameleon eggs?

    Incubating eggs soon.... Was wondering if the tubs with eggs in should have lids on while incubating? Just as a final check :) Thanks!
  3. StickyPad

    When to move my veiled to a new enclosure?

    I have a female veiled chameleon, 11.5 months old. We bought a new tank and are buying supplies for it at the mo. I uploaded a pic of her current one with her in it (picture was raked a while back...) Her new tank is 24"x18"x36" Very big! When should we transfer her? Oooo and also how do...
  4. StickyPad

    Keeping 2 females together?

    Okay, as most people on the forum know, my chameleon stickypad has to have a caesarean on Friday and she basically has to be spayed... I already have the incubator for breeding so I don't want to waste money... I em want to buy another girl to be friends with stickypad and breed at 15 months...
  5. StickyPad

    How do you get a veiled chameleon to eat veg?

    As you know, stickypad won't lay her eggs She just had an appointment at the vets and the vet said she should get a variety of veg... I give her a drop of liquid vitamin every day... Buy how do I get her to actually eat veg? Her food is gut loaded with apple and lettuce usually :-)
  6. StickyPad

    53 days since breeding.....

    Am I over reacting? It's 53 days since she was mated, 28 days since her X-ray. She hasn't layed or dug but drinks a lot and eats a little...what is the maximum it should take (in days please) just to Put my mind at rest. Thanks, and sorry if you think I'm over reacting or nagging Erin x
  7. StickyPad

    Making a vivarium...1 little setback

    okay, so I have got all the materials written down and some are on order, including the door. The door will be hinged on...but I have no idea what I can use to keep it shut! has anyone had experience on the subject and have advice? I was thinking a bolt lock, but there is nothing to attach it...
  8. StickyPad

    Building a new viv - advice needed!

    Okay, so I'm building a new viv for my female veiled for when she gets older, but I want it to be big enough to last her whole life. She is now 9 months old. What dimensions do you recommend? Preferably in cm. it's going to be greenhouse plastic from a website I found, and the roof has to be...
  9. StickyPad

    HELP - 48 days since mating!

    Okay this is basically a follow on from my previous thread (Help---she won't dig!) but it got a bit deserted on there. She has a tummy full of eggs and gas had an X-ray at the vets. She's very fat!!! She just drank a load of water with liquid calcium in but wouldn't eat...she's going in her...
  10. StickyPad

    1 last opinion before the vets please...

    Stickypad is going to the vets in a few days, she has an appointment. Has anyone else got any opinions on these bumps on her side, they just came this morning. I will post a picture of her last night when she was fine, too. I will keep you updated! :) P.S. last night she looked like her stomach...
  11. StickyPad

    does she look like she has laid?

    I'm not sure if she has layed her eggs or not, I check her every night when she is sleeping and havent seen her in a hole or digging, but she is looking quite thin....
  12. StickyPad

    Will she lay soon?

    So it's been a week since I put my baby (8 month) veiled Cham in her laying tank and she hasn't done anything...I let her out today because I'm moving her into a bigger laying tank (opaque one) and she is say in the window to get vitamin D. She is restless and dug the bottom of her original tank...
  13. StickyPad

    Foming at the mouth and puffing?

    Help! I took my baby veiled stickypad (female, 8 months) out of her tank and offered her some orange. She chomped a segment a bit and then I put her in the window on a stick. Now she is sat there with her head up and some foam came out her mouth!!! She opened her mouth and puffed her...
  14. StickyPad

    HELP --- She won't dig!

    Hi, So I have a female veiled chameleon and she is in her laying bin. There is plenty of sand and there is a canopy on top making it about 25 degrees celcius. But she isn't digging! I check in on her through the door and she doesn't notice me, but she hasn't dug. Just sits by the heat and walks...
  15. StickyPad

    She's in laying tank...what now?

    Okay, so I put my 8 month old veiled female chameleon (stickypad) in her laying tank since she has been trying to dig the bottom of her normal tank. there is laying boxes in her normal tank but they weren't really big enough and she didn't tank an interest in them. How long do I leave her in the...
  16. StickyPad

    Is my female veiled fertilized?

    Well, stickypad met her new boyfriend, yoshi, last week and I think they did 'it'. But I don't want her to lay in infertile batch and she is due to lay sometime soon. How will I know if she is fertilized...
  17. StickyPad

    My chameleon drinks LOADS but wont eat!

    Hi. So I have a female 8-month old chameleon who i don't think is eating. Every time I spray, she drinks the droplets off the window and sides, and sometimes goes to suck the leaves. She does this for about 10 minutes before returning to her basking spot. I haven't seen her eat in about 3 days...
  18. StickyPad

    Brown patches on my female veiled cham!?

    I noticed a few brown spots/patches on my 7 month old female chameleon...what does this mean? is she dehydrated, unhappy, hungry?! I also think she might be gravid...any advice appreciated. Thanks! :)
  19. StickyPad

    Is my female veiled gravid?

    Hi! I'm new to this website, but have visited it often and recently made my account. I have a 7 month old female chameleon, and was wondering if she had eggs (and if so, do they need incubating if I know they are not fertile?). She has been eating less and less throughout the past 2-3 weeks, and...
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