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    Unhappy panther

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe panther, roughly 15 months old. Handling - a couple of times a week. Feeding - large locust, 3 tubs per week. Supplements - I dust locust before they go in, zoo med reptivite with d3 2 x month, Exo terra calcium with d3 1 x per week, zoo med repti...
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    Exo terra 60x45x45cm and equipment

    Exo terra 60x45x45cm vivarium with background also comes with arcadia light unit with 5.0UVB tube, dripper, microclimate thermostat, food bowl, spray bottle, arcadia heat bulb holder and a spare faulty thermostat that gives digital temp reading £150 for the lot, collection from Stockport UK or...
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    Please help me identify!

    This is my lad, he's about 6 months old now and has started getting his colours! He's been a slow grower but he's picking up pace now! If you click the image and follow the link it will appear in high resolution Regards Sean
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    Baby panther tail damage

    Is this anything to worry about? Looks like he's pulled some skin on his tail sticking it through the mesh roof of his exo terra
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    Panther baby age?

    Is there any way to gauge the correct age of a panther baby? I was sold this one on the 12th July as nine weeks old, now I wasn't born yesterday so I know it's not nine weeks old when I purchased it When I first got him Today after his first shed
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    I was wondering what products people use and how often? But also how much calcium, vitamin a, vitamin d3 etc are in the products you use, I'm unsure if mine has enough as I can't find any info on the net giving how many ui are need of vitamins
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    Fresh setup opinions please

    I recently lost my veiled Cham due to a vet who was a bit too keen with a needle! So I'm going to start again, this time I'm going to get a panther around 2-3 months old, this is my setup so far minus the dripper can anyone for see any problems I might run in to? I'm using a 10% uv and 60watt...
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    Panther chameleon UK

    Anyone selling any panther babies in the UK I can't seem to find a decent breeder
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    What you looking at?

    Uploaded off my phone so not the high res version
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    Sleepy veiled

    Your Chameleon - Veiled chameleon unsure of exact age but its just longer than your finger and male I've had him about a month Handling - Once or twice a week Feeding - small crickets as many as he will eat or as many as will come out of the tub there's usually about 6-7 running around the tank...
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