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  1. PraxRX7

    My Chameleon trying to be a T-rex!

    I have had Chimichanga since April, and I have't really posted many updates, but I just had to post this image of him!
  2. PraxRX7

    Amilobe Temperatures

    Good day! I have my new 3 month Ambilobe (Chimichanga). He so far seems to be happy with his enclosure, however, I am concerned over his temperatures have me a little concerned. The night time temperatures I have been able to reduce to 70F. His daytime tempratures are hitting 80F. The...
  3. PraxRX7

    New Ambilobe - Feeding Questions

    Happy weekend! I just got my first Chameleon and have some general feeding questions. I know he is probably stressed from moving into a new home, but I wanted to make sure he is eating as well! For today I have some crickets (littles ones) and haven't noticed him eat any yet. He seems...
  4. PraxRX7

    Enclosure Ready - need advice

    Good Evening! So my enslosure is completed. All plants are in, vines are setup, mister is going, everything is complete. I live in a very dry climate (Edmonton, Alberta) so it is proving difficult keeping the humidity higher. I have installed a humidifier in my home to keep the general...
  5. PraxRX7

    Custom Enclosure - Decor (Part 3)

    Progress so far... I grabbed some Bio-Vines from the local reptile store, got the heat bulb (Exo-terra 50W Daylight Spot Sun-Glo), and purchased a Schefflera arboricola! I have a Devils Ivy / Golden Pothos on the way and am still searching for a China Rose / Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Also...
  6. PraxRX7

    Drainage Setup - First Timer

    Alright, after some recommendations for setting up some drainage I have used some foam to create a slope and have installed a drain (leak-tested and working very well). I will be doing some trial and error in the next couple of days with the mister I will be installing tomorrow and the live...
  7. PraxRX7

    New to the Forums! First Chameleon - Custom Setup

    Happy Easter Everyone! I am purchasing my first Chameleon on May 14th and have spent the whole weekend on a DIY cage for it! The cage itself is 3'x2'x4' and all stain and sealant is chameleon safe. I have spent several weeks reading the forums and getting ideas and information for the...
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