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  1. Defianceofexistence

    Eye swollen and bleeding

    So last week my boyfriend texted me while I was at work to say that Links eye was huge. He was acting totally normal so I figured he had irritated it and so I showered him and let him clean it then I flushed it with saline and it said online that this could happen and it would go down once he...
  2. Defianceofexistence

    Eye buldge

    :eek:So Tuesday my boyfriend texted me while I was at work and asked me "What does it mean if Link's eye is HUGE" and of course I was thinking...well his eyes are pretty big as it is, until he sent me a picture and I freaked out.....I googled it and found info saying he could have something...
  3. Defianceofexistence

    If you need a giggle

    :pSo I came across this today and it made me laugh. Shared it on my face book and my non reptile friends (they are so cute lol) didn't think it was funny. So I figured, where better to share it then with you all :-) :D
  4. Defianceofexistence

    It was bound to happen

    Well since I now have three reptile children it was only a matter of time before someone bit me lol. I kind of thought it would be my veiled Loki.....only because he is such a grump lol. Turns out it was my newest addition Link (Panther cham). And it wasn't his fault, I was giving him...
  5. Defianceofexistence

    Merry Christmas :-)

    So my Chameleons brother "Bowser" has been asleep for almost 4 months. It was a Christmas miracle and he woke up this weekend. So I snapped a Christmas pic of him since neither of my Cham's is to interested in wearing the santa hat lol So Merry Christmas from Santa Bowser :rolleyes:
  6. Defianceofexistence

    Link :-)

    Picture of one of my boys Link. :)
  7. Defianceofexistence


    Morning everyone, So my panther Link has a burn on his back. I have been putting polysporin on it once a day (cream with no pain reliever in it) and it seems to be healing. I work in a doctors office and have fucidin cream. I was wondering if it was safe to put a bit of that one it as...
  8. Defianceofexistence

    Burn :-(

    So I got Link (10-12 months old supposedly) on Halloween of this year. He is such a sweet boy but I do have some concerns. So when I picked him up he had a patch on his back, I have never dealt with burns before but I did have suspicions when the guy said the patch showed up after his last...
  9. Defianceofexistence

    He loves grapes

    So I have had Link since Halloween. He came to me eating only crickets and now he is on a steady diet of Dubai roaches and hornworms with crickets every second week. He is VERY food friendly....he takes stuff right off my hand and is a pretty friendly guy. So because he seems to eat anything...
  10. Defianceofexistence

    Question about color

    Hey all So I just got Link an 8 month old panther on Halloween. He has been settling in nicely and is quite the fun little guy. I'm new to his coloring and behaviours as I'm used to my veiled Loki who I have had for a year and is VERY consistent with his moods vs. color so I know exactly...
  11. Defianceofexistence


    So we got "Link" on friday and tonight when i snuck a few pics after he went to bed i realised his eyes are always this normal coloring or stress related? I know what my vield does when he is upset but not Link as of yet......
  12. Defianceofexistence

    Got a new baby this weekend

    So Loki (Veiled male) and Bowser (Breaded Dragon) got a new brother on Friday that they will never meet lol He is 11 months old and such a great guy....he is not nearly as graceful as Loki and is really comical to watch lol... Now I am having the hardest time thinking of a name for...
  13. Defianceofexistence

    Loki passed out for the night

    Hello everyone Snapped this picture of my 1 year old Loki this morning before I left for work. His light hadn't been on long enough for him to wake up lol....
  14. Defianceofexistence

    Tips for travelling

    Good Morning everyone So my boyfriend and I are going to visit my mom for a week this Friday. I tried to find someone to look after Loki for me while we are gone but I just wasn't comfortable with my options so I am taking him with me. He is just over a year old and extremely grumpy but...
  15. Defianceofexistence

    Need help with plants

    Morning everyone, Ok so I just bought a medium extra tall exo terra for my 1 year old male veiled chameleon Loki. He is in an 18x18x24 right now. Anyways to my point lol....I have had major issues with live plants. I cant seem to keep them alive for more then a week...its very sad...
  16. Defianceofexistence

    HAHA I am the winner lol

    So I have been fighting with Loki (9 month old veiled male) to cup feed so I can start feeding off some of my roach colony that I have been working on. He flat out refused to eat them out of the cup and would just sit on the edge of it watching them. I tried leaving a few in there each day...
  17. Defianceofexistence

    Stale mate

    :rolleyes:Ok so I am totally 100% done with crickets....they stink and they die so fast. I have a good colony of roaches that are well on their way to being able to supply both my 9 month old chameleon and my almost 2 year old beardie. My cham lives in a exo terra glass terrarium so I need...
  18. Defianceofexistence

    Question about age vs food intake

    Hey everyone.... So I was misinformed about Loki's age when I got him. They told me he was older then he was. I have had him since Oct of last year at which time I believe he was roughly 6-8 weeks old. So based on that he is now around 8.5-9 months old. Is he old enough now to be fed...
  19. Defianceofexistence

    Looking for any Vancouver BC to save a cham??

    Ok so I just saw this add on craigslist I wish I could save him but if I even ask to bring another reptile into my home my boyfriend is going to kill me lol. To me this little guy looks a bit dehydrated and the add only mentions...
  20. Defianceofexistence

    Drainage question for someone with an exo terra glass terrarium

    Ok so Loki is in an exo terra glass terrarium. I got an automatic mister for him and it works only problem is drainage......I thought about putting some mesh at the bottom of the terrarium with some sort of container to collect the run off but I don't see a way to easily be able to...
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