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    Dark crickets?

    The dark ones Are fine I know the black ones are native to California and probably the US I think they are susceptible to the virus that was killing crickets off and the tan ones were hardier. Someone please tell my if I'm way off bAse with that
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    Pickle passed away at vet

    Sorry to hear about pickle. Good luck with her clutch.
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    My tongueless boy!

    Wow great colors I sure you will have no problem finding him the perfect home.
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    pole snagging chams - no wonder the wc hate us

    I hate to say it although I also hate the idea of throwing them into a bucket together with the history of how many people catch wild caught creatures for pets this s fairly humane. Take a look at the practice of poisoning reefs just to catch a few fish that may survive. I also have to...
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    Help urgent

    Also I did not see but put live plants with him veiled s can eat them to help supplement their needs
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    Growing ficus from cuttings

    I agree with ridgebax1 try air layering you can still use some root hormone. This way the plant will be able to keep nutrient going to the portion you will be cutting. The only problem is I wouldn't leave the plant In Your viv with your Cham.
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    New Chameleon owner! please help!

    Oh and welcome to the forum.
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    New Chameleon owner! please help!

    I hope this link works if not please look under care rescouces and care sheets on this site. it should answer most of your questions.
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    Red Bar Amilobe clutch from Threcian

    Very nice congrats.
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    Repairing torn screen

    Dang it! Sounds likely this has the answer
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    Repairing torn screen

    If it is the common screen type cage you will need to purchase screen from a local hardware store (aluminum is best) a roller and exactly knife.then rescreen it just like you would a window sure you an find a visual aid to rescreening on line that would describe the process.
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    Help me to help a friend

    Without knowing everything wrong with her definately quarantine her. Please check the how to ask for help section above in this thread and get As much info as you can from your friend when he arrives. Also you need to find a vet and get her In ASAP
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    Quick question please about new encloser

    I'm definitely not an expert but I always figure start with the most foliage and walkways closer to the top (maybe one or two at the bottom in case prey gets there) then as you Cham grows,and gets comfortable you can thin the plants.
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    Newbie here... I have a few general questions :)

    Welcome to the forum I am obviously also a newbie. First of all read as mush as you can. You will see all chameleons are different. It sounds like you are very lucky and have a social chameleon. I know you may want to sway adequate to avoid the frustration from bad posts, but everyone is very...
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    Indoor greenhouse

    I think plastic also filters out UVB like glass. I didn't notice if you considered this in your plan. A great looking frame good luck.
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    Beetle larvae with crickets

    Thank you both for the information I will leave them alone
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    Beetle larvae with crickets

    Can anyone tell me what the black beetles and larvae are I get with the crickets I purchase? Can i feed them to my chameleons? I have been removing them and getting rid of them. But would hate to be throwing out another variety of food.
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    I'm an idiot

    I second it I know I'm new also but give the classifieds or sponsors a chance.
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    Cage cleaning/disinfecting

    Thanks for the idea and past experience I was worried about the content of soap. Thanks again ivory it is
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    alfies new home

    Looks great! What plants did you use?
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