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  1. oldworldlife

    new panthers

    Thanks to Thomas and lance I have three New Members
  2. oldworldlife

    help! eggs have hatched and something is wrong !!!

    I have a batch of veilied eggs that just hatched. They came out of a female that was very old and she died before laying the eggs she died only a week or so earlyer then the eggs should have been layed. I cut out the eggs and incubated them about 6 months and they started hatching two days ago...
  3. oldworldlife

    pygmy cage pic's

    Here are some pic's of my setups
  4. oldworldlife

    open air/free range

    Here's one of mine top took one day to build the bottom took a couple hours the next
  5. oldworldlife

    going commercial or going sterile

    I first off was wondering if anyone here has tried or knows of anyone that has tried to breed Pygmy's in a sterile cage setup for commercial breeding? I will be receiving a group of 6.18 Rieppeleon brevicaudatus (Bearded Pygmy Chameleons) . I planned on dividing this group up and trying a few...
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