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    Cham isn't social..

    I have had my second Cham now for about 5 months and he is the most unsocial pet I have ever had. My first Cham would love to come to the door when I would feed him and even climb out on my hand. My Jackson now runs when I try to feed and will not even let me touch him when I have to do full...
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    Chams tail?

    I woke up this morning and my chams tail has a white section about 1/2 inch long and it just showed up this morning? What is this?
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    Jackson not eating

    My cham was eating fine.. Then one day he decided he didn't want to eat anything. He won't eat superworms or crickets?
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    Cricket size?

    I noticed my Jackson will eat the smaller crickets some, but when a put a very large cricket in front of him he runs towards it. He loves the large crickets better than the small. Can the size of these hurt him?
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    Cricket escape artist!

    I have a container about the size of a gallon jug and it has a tight locking lid on it. When I come home all the time there are always like 5 or 6 that escape. Any ideas on this?:mad:
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    Jackson tongue problems!

    I was feeding this morning and the first cricket he ate he slapped right at it, then the second his tongue would not go more than a couple centimeters so he tried again and the same thing happend, any one have this happen before?
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    Handeling my jackson

    I have got a Jackson cham and I've had him for about a month now and every time I try to hold him he runs and hides. I know chamois are not supposed to be held a lot as they are generally a looking pet, but he is very unsocial . Any ideas?
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    Humidity help!

    I have a 4 foot tall screen cage from zoo med and it is impossible to keep the humidity up in this thing. I have put a reptifogger on a timer for most of the day and I am misting about 10-12 times a day. I do not really want to put plastic wrap or plexiglass around the walls because my Jackson...
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    I had a Senegal chameleon for only about a month and he died. He was not eating well from the time I got him and he was very sluggish.:( I took him to the vet about 10 times for injections and I also fed him through a syringe. Then one day after his shot he died a couple hrs later. The vet...
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