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    Unfortunately my Chameleon passed away Thursday

    I'm sad to say that my veiled Chameleon Melly passed away Thursday. I want to thank everyone for all the help they've provided me over the years in caring for her.
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    Clean Plants

    Hello, I recently bought two Umbrella plants. Looking at the leaves, I noticed lots of white marks on them. I talked to the store and they said it's because they were watered with city water so it will leave stains. I went through this with a ficus tree and it took me hours to scrub down each...
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    How Often should I feed

    Hello recently when I was out on vacation my friend began feeding my chameleon some of his bearded dragon's phoenix worms and my chameleon loved them so I ordered another hundred. I was just curious how often I should be feeding him them
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    Shedding time (Should my chameleon be stressed)

    Hey my Chameleon Melly started shedding today and I noticed that she is really stressed, I have even on occasion noticed her rubbing up against the ficus tree in her cage. Is this normal or is there a greater issue? Also is there anything I can do to help.
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    Hand feed

    I've been trying to teach my Chameleon to hand feed for the past week by only letting it eat off my hand. It hasn't eaten for a while and it's weight has dropped a little from last week I really don't want to give in and just let it bowl feed. Is there any way I could force feed it off my hand...
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    Gut Load and hand feed

    Hey since I got my Veiled Chameleon back and June and ever since I got her I've been gutloading her food with kale. The reason I picked this is because I am a swimmer and it is the top food for us swimmers to eat because it offers a world of nutritious values. Web MD also has it as the top...
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    Emergency Chameleon lost

    Hello I have had my baby Veiled Chameleon Melly for about a month now and today I moved her to a 2x2x4 I noticed she was getting scared when I opened the cage door again so I left it open for about 5 minutes just to go grab my phone when I came back Melly was gone I tried misting the cage cause...
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    How to hang vines

    Hey, Today I'm switching my 4 and half month old female Veiled to her full 2x2x4 cage. As I was setting it up I noticed a lot of issues I did think would occur. 1. The exo terra jungles vines wouldn't hang. I tried using some tape to keep the up but they wouldn't stay. 2 as expected all...
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    Light heigth

    Hello Today I opened up more of my enclosure to my four month Veiled and she is now in a 2x2x3 I am eventually going to put her in the 2x2x4 but will wait as for now I'm a little concerned, I'm going to bring the wattage down soon on her bulb so her basking area is only 82 but as of now it's in...
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    For sale?

    Hey My Friend Clay has been looking for a male veiled chameleon for the longest time but the only ones he can find are from Petco or Petsmart. I really like our petco and told him to buy it there but he claims the one near his house is terrible point being he wants to know if any of you guys who...
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    Where can I get it

    Hello as of now I'm buying all of my feeders (Hornworms, butterworms, crickets, silkworms, superworms, pheonixworms etc.) individually which I'm finding to be very pricey. I know some of you guys know people who sell variety packs that are more affordable and I was wondering if you could refer...
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    Hello I bought a couple of live plants at strangers for my Veiled and have been trying to get them pesticide free. My mom thinks this leave looks clean but I don't can someone tell me
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    Hello I've been hearing a lot about how Chameleon as they get older can get really sharp nails. As of now Melly my Veiled seems fine but I would like to be able to holder as she grows older. Is there anything I can do to dull her nails down such as cut them or something
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    Are there any

    Hello My best friend Tyler has loved my Veiled Chameleon Melly and is dying to get one but unfortunately he can't afford to have a cage taller than 2 feet in his room. He was wondering if there are any chameleons that can live in a two foot tall cage when full grown. He also wants it to be able...
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    Hello I've had my baby Veiled for about a month now and she has been great. I have a veterinarian within 5 minutes of my house who is perfectly capable to taking care of Melly (my Chameleon) but since vet bills are a lot and my parents have made it very clear all the cost of the Chameleon are on...
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    Water coming through the back of my cage

    Hello I've noticed since bringing home my Veiled that the wall and floor behind my cage have been a little damp, I was wondering if there is anything I could do to stop this. Another little side questions is do I need to be taking my Chameleon to the vet yearly or do I just need one incase there...
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    Do you think my Chameleon needs dechlorinated water or can he just use our tap ______________ R.I.P Chubby
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    Grasshopers and flies

    In an attempt to add some variety to my Veiled diet I have been looking at flies and grasshoppers to add something new. Since my veiled is only a baby I think I may wait on the grasshoppers but would like to know now if they are okay, here's the link...
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    I know I am supposed to leave some holes in the cage for water drainage but I am a little afraid about doing this 1. Because I have a reptibreeze cage so I'm not sure if I can 2. I would have to put something underneath the cage to collect the water and unless the entire cage fits on the...
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    Hello, as of now my veiled is in her cage and she has no substrate, she seems fine but I worry about her falling and I have a Reptibreeze so the bottem of the cage isn't exactly soft do you think I could put some reptile carpet in the cage or would I be smart to not
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