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  1. wsidepinoy

    7 Months & Strong !

    Here is FELIX ! (the best picture i could get from him, he was doing the hiding behind the branch move) Ballor male from Chameleons101 ! 7 months and going ! He would barely flare up, he was more concerned with everything else outside LOL
  2. wsidepinoy

    16 x 16 x 30 Cham Cage - Fairfield, Ca (LOCAL ONLY)

    I have a 16x16x30 cage, silver color W/ LLLreptile drip tray that it sits underneath, (tray has a drainage hole cut on side for drainage piping into a bucket) $45 OBO Dollars takes it, pm me and we can set up a day for pick up or i'd be willing to trade for feeders / supplies !
  3. wsidepinoy

    Silkworms Located near Fairfield Ca ?

    I'm looking to purchase some silkworms locally, i hate shipping especially because its getting hotter in my area (90f +). I'm looking for a small-medium / medium size, i purchased some from a vendor and they died off FAST and didn't eat the mulberry leaves that i provided. If anyone has...
  4. wsidepinoy

    Rocks ?

    They arent healthy for chameleons right ? (double checking with sanity here) Apparently felix thinks that rocks are fine...he went to the bottom of his cage and i walked up and he sat there still like he got caught, with a river stone LARGER then his head and his mouth. He couldnt swallow it...
  5. wsidepinoy

    Ficus Benjamina Leaves - Panther Is Munching On It

    Hello ! is it fine for my panther to be munching on the leaves of his ficus benjamina ? i JUST noticed it moving him into his larger cage, but i can tell it has been going on recently because one of his branches are CLEARED lol. I'm going to be putting a pothos in the cage as well soon...
  6. wsidepinoy

    So It's Nice and Sunny Here In Northern California...and

    I took felix out for the first time EVER in his 5 months of existence. He was REALLY calm, REALLY REALLY EERILY CALM. Normally he wants to bite and hiss at me. Well he did just that as I took him out, he was calm and as I tried to put him back into his cage, he wanted NOTHING to do with...
  7. wsidepinoy

    Free Mixed Size Crickets (Fairfield, Ca)

    Hello ! I have free mixed sized crix, some large, some tiny, some a little too large to feed my chameleon. I am going to give these away to anyone willing to pick up. If you have hungry mouths to feed that can wrap their jaws around em lemme know. Send a PM and i will send you a picture...
  8. wsidepinoy

    Chameleon Cage in the works! So I found this armoire and I'm going to convert it to a cham cage! Any ideas or thoughts about it? Anything I should know ahead of time? Will post pictures on progress within the coming days!
  9. wsidepinoy

    Looking for a Cage & A Stand (SF Bay Area / Sacremento)

    I am looking to purchase a cage (custom built or not) from any one in the sf/sac area. I am needing a stand as well to house the bugs and the misting accessories. I am handy enough to build it, but lack the tools and the space so purchasing is the next best thing. Send me a PM if you...
  10. wsidepinoy

    I hate Ants !

    So I come home from picking up my wife, turn on a dim light to see if my chameleon felix is fine. While felix is sleeping, i notice ants on the bottom of the enclosure! spray with water and swab them up, and then notice a line coming up one of the legs of my stand, and from the baseboards...
  11. wsidepinoy

    Envious Much ?

    I know I am...looks better then ALL my bedrooms Ive ever had in my entire 21 years of existence... i also wonder how ninjas will react to this room ?
  12. wsidepinoy

    Food Dehydration - Pros & Cons

    I've been recently wondering about food dehydration for the purpose of extending the veggies/fruits life as well as making it more so like a "chow" with less smell (kale!!) and then putting in a water source near the dehydrated fruits/veggies. One of the pros I have heard of from dehydrating...
  13. wsidepinoy

    Nor Cal Silkworm Breeder

    Hey, I was looking to pick some up if anyone breeds em here in ncal. I'm currently in fairfield and am wanting not to pay for shipping if I can just pick them up, same goes with crickets, phoenix, and looking for smaller sizes because my cham is young atm Thank you!
  14. wsidepinoy

    Wacky Weather From Northern California !

    Hello All ! so today we had a freak storm system that brought lightning, rain, thunder, clouds and some hail...alot of hail..enough that it looks like snow! PICTURES ATTACHED !!! OMFG by J.Langill, on Flickr THERE by J.Langill, on Flickr AND SHIT by J.Langill, on Flickr...
  15. wsidepinoy

    Introducing Felix ! My Ambilobe Panther Baby !

    My Panther Named Felix (being the branch !) lol
  16. wsidepinoy

    removed laying bin because cham was eating the sand...

    so how am i supposed to have a bin in there if she wont lay in it, but just snap her tongue at the sand and chew on it ? ugggh
  17. wsidepinoy

    Superworm Colony Starter Vid !

    I saw this video on youtube and this idea was GENIUS so i had to share it with everyone ! not my video ! all credit goes to the youtube channel owner !
  18. wsidepinoy

    Enclosure Help ?

    cham has been clinging to the cage at times and not the branches, vines, plants, and when she sees me open the cage she heads to the top and wants to climb on top of my little dripper ? any ideas ? heat is 85-88 at basking and ambient temp is 72 / humidity 45-60% cage pictures below...
  19. wsidepinoy

    Wheres Waldo ? (err....Icarus)

    Icarus (03/21/2011) crazy girl... !!
  20. wsidepinoy

    Northern California Breeders ?

    I have read of people from florida and southern california; and even colder parts such as canada...any breeders IN northern california ?
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