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  1. Chameleoco

    Practical Reptile keeping magazine

    Hi Guys, A few months ago i was fortunate enough to be interviewed by one of Europe's leading light manufacturers and retailers:) Well now the article has been published and released:D Follow this link to take a look...
  2. Chameleoco


    For all our European friends we now offer Butter worms 23.50eu + 3.50eu p&p per 100 mixed sized worms. For UK customers Tubs of 25 mixed sizes £5 50 mixed sizes £10 100 mixed sizes £20 + £2.70 p&p pm for more details. Cheers Jamie
  3. Chameleoco

    My new Tamatave

    Hi guys Picked this guy up last week from a friend in Germany,he's a wc Tamatave he is called Voodoo,hope you guys like him:D cheers Jamie
  4. Chameleoco

    Panther tattoo ;-0

    well after 8 and half hours of fun session 1 of ink is complete:) big thankyou to Craig Cardwell from Blackpool UK top bloke top work:)
  5. Chameleoco

    pictures ;-0

    Hi Guys its been a while here's some pics:D
  6. Chameleoco

    New Cham room is comin on:-0

    Well we are getting closer to the end of our male housing project,here are a few taster pics for you guys:D It hopefully should be complete in the new year,cant wait to get it done:)
  7. Chameleoco

    Maverick progress(C.Parsonii)

    Hi guys we have had Maverick since september now still not sure weather maverick is a he or a she atm,but apart from that IT has settled in well:D hope you enjoy. cheers Jamie
  8. Chameleoco

    It's been a while lol be warned picture loaded.

    Well not put any update pics of all the guys for a while so here you go guys:D Enjoy
  9. Chameleoco


    We have Tamatave babies available in 2 weeks. £150 each Sire and baby pictured below E-mail for more details- [email protected] cheers Jamie
  10. Chameleoco

    a few pics:-0

    here's a few pics for you guys:) jamie
  11. Chameleoco

    fischers video

    hi guys i managed to film this back in december:) Just dug up 16 eggs 2 days ago!fingers crossed for september:D cheers jamie
  12. Chameleoco

    scrimbob & jaws

    Hi guys I was taking some pictures a couple of days ago,thought i would share a few:D jamie
  13. Chameleoco

    baby Ch. Hoehnelii

    hi guys We had the pleasure of finding theses little guys last week in with there mum:) And they are all doing fantastic,i cant get over how much detail they have from birth such a fascinating species:D cheers jamie
  14. Chameleoco

    a few of the crew:-0

    here's a few of the guys:) enjoy:D
  15. Chameleoco

    one of my babys from last year

    hi guys this one of my little yemens from last years clucth,he seems to be pretty blue:eek;) thought you guys might like a few pis:) jamie
  16. Chameleoco

    new pics courtesy of Marc Ormond

    Hi guys Would just like to share a few pics,that were taken last weekend by our friend Marc Ormond.:D
  17. Chameleoco

    pied hatching video

    Hi guys, Managed to catch this little guy coming out:) Perfect timing:D jamie
  18. Chameleoco

    safe roaches

    hi just wondering if anybody could tel me which of these will be toxic to my cham? Deaths-head Cockroach (Blaberus discoidales) Cuban Burrowing Cockroach (Bysotria fumigata) Four Spotted Cockroach (Eublaberus distani) Porcelain Cockroach (Gyna lurida) Ethiopian Crickets (Homoeogryllus...
  19. Chameleoco

    arnie,the new ambilobe

    Hi this arnie, my fairly new ambilobe. i just wanted to let his colours come on first,before i posted pics,i cant wait to see this guy fully grown:D
  20. Chameleoco


    Recently got these two, who thinks they are Ambanja?
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