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    Very useful Sandra thankyou
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    The Importance of temperature and microclimate control!

    Your chameleon is ectothermic. He requires outside influences to control how hot or cool he feels. In the wild, the sun would provide this heat and the chameleon would bask as the sun came up, darkening and laterally compressing their bodies to absorb more heat. Once at an optimal temperature...
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    goodbye Bendy!!!

    Yesterday, my favorite rescue was rehomed. I am sad and happy, but mostly sad today.:( Bendy was taken from a pet shop with fractures to her legs, wholley inapropriate husbandry (literally, i couldnt list all the things that were wrong) and a number of vitamin deficiencies. She had been fed FAR...
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    Comment by 'Chameleoco' in 'Feeder Nutrition & Gutloading'

    very easy to understand, very,very useful.keep posting the good stuff!:):):) xx
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    Comment by 'Chameleoco' in 'Dreaded Prolapses.'

    Thank you! she is my favorite. she has the most perfect little face, she is just the perfect little chameleon!
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    Chameleoco's Blog

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    Dreaded Prolapses.

    Bad weekend........ Peppa, nosy be/ambilobe cross suffered a prolapse this weekend....been all stitched up at the vets and is still there for monitoring. She is fine now, but wont be breeding again. Time to concentrate on the true bloods!!!!!
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