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  1. spadefish

    Furcifer campani

    There have been repeated ads on Kingsnake for pairs of this species. Did I miss something? Or did export open up for them in the recent past? If so, why is the only person selling them identified only as "charlie" who also seems to have an endless supply of parsonii? Anyone know anything?
  2. spadefish

    K. multituberculata eggs

    I've got ten perfectly forms K. multi eggs. Unfortunately, they came out the hard way. The female that was shipped to me by mistake a week ago was hugely gravid. She did well until today. She was outside in her cage and drinking and basking. She started circling this afternoon and began to...
  3. spadefish

    Kinyongia Puzzle

    I purchased what was advertised as K. tavetana. The cham with the pronounced crest is a multi (if you feel differently, please speak up). The other one has a very subtle dorsal "crest" with a noticeable single spine and then another "nub" just in front of that one which I can feel. These are...
  4. spadefish

    Kinyongia Breeding Project - Tavetana and Boehmei

    I am looking for tavetana and boehmei to continue my breeding projects. I have a gravid female tav and need another male. I am also looking for male and female boehmei to supplement the two I have. If anyone is willing to part with these, or know of anyone, please send me a PM. Thanks.
  5. spadefish

    Weird Behavior K. boehmei

    I thought the first time I noticed this, it was a fluke. But, now it has happened every day for the last 5 days. Some background: I got this group (was 3.3 but the baby died so now 3.2) at the end of March or so. Within days, they were mating like crazy. I expect the first clutch of eggs in...
  6. spadefish

    K. tavetana photos

    Especially for Jared, here are some photos of my three k. tavetana.
  7. spadefish

    K. boehmei mating

    :D Even before I could post pictures of these guys, they are at it! Apparently, for quite a long time. Long enough that the female was obviously bored and started eating her breakfast while it was still going on! She ate at least 3 flies while the male was still perched on her. I will post...
  8. spadefish

    WANTED: K. Boehmei females

    I need a few females for a breeding project. If anyone has one or more they are willing to sell, please email me: [email protected] Thanks!
  9. spadefish

    We Have Poop!!!

    Those of you who saw my first post on this poor pet store flapneck might remember how horrible she looked and what bad shape she seemed to be in. That original post is here Well, today she not only pooped, she ate five houseflies and...
  10. spadefish

    Dilepis issues

    Got this dilepis from LPS - they gave her (i think a female? - no spurs) today because, well take a look at the photos. She is dehydrated - but now is drinking well. Right eye (can't see in photos) is sunken but the turret itself looks swollen. Looks like infection to me. The raised...
  11. spadefish


    Anyone know whether ladybugs are ok to eat? I have access to hundreds of them. Since my tavetanas eat anything that moves, I'm thinking they might be a nice treat.
  12. spadefish

    Hoehnelii Neonates

    Dropped in to my LPS yesterday to stock up on mammal food. They hav reptiles and do a decent enough job. Got pulled aside by one of the employees who knows I keep chams. Apprently, they got in a gravid Hoehnelii last week who was purchased by someone I will call Joe. Joe got her hm and two...
  13. spadefish

    R. nchisiensis questions

    I just got a pair of R. Acuminatus. They are seemingly healthy and the female appears to be receptive. It was supposed to be a 1.2 trio. However, instead, I got a male R. nchisiensis which as marked as a female acuminatus. Not sure how that could happen, but it did. So, now I have this itty...
  14. spadefish

    Help me ID this Cham

    I just got a shipment from Exotics inPort St. Lucie. Was supposed to be 1.2 group of R acuminatus. I got a male and femal acuminatus and what I am pretty sure is a male R. nchisiensis. Check out the blue eye turrets. I just want to be sure before I call them and figure out what to do. He...
  15. spadefish

    R. acuminatus photos

    Get a look at these colors! I took this guy outside for the day in the humidity and he turned all kinds of happy happy colors that just don't show up in these photos. His eye turrets have streaks of dark turquoise blue with dark yellow dots in between. His flanks can apparently turn a deep...
  16. spadefish

    Back leg Weakness in Brev from CIPRO?

    Guys, I hae an approximately 18 month old bearded pygmy female named Lucy. Up until a few weeks ago, she ws doing just great, no issues. Then, near the end of March/eginning of April, she developed an abscess on her neck. Took to vet, drained the abscess, put on antibiotics. Initially got...
  17. spadefish

    Montane Pygmies / R. Accuminatus info

    I am interested in hearing about your experiences with this species. I recently got a female and she is one weird cham. She seems to like people, trots (yes, I said trots) all over her enclosure. She does chin ups onto leaves when she can climb up sticks to get there. She likes to sleep on...
  18. spadefish

    Quadricornis gracilior

    I have a pair of brevicaudatus which are a hoot. I have been reading about quadricornis gracilior and am wondering how difficult they are to keep. I understand that they are montanes their temperature requirements, but i am looking for the collective experience. I am an experienced reptile...
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