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  1. GlobeMaster

    R. sarasinorum

    Got this little guy last week, hes settling in well and is actually quite handleable!
  2. GlobeMaster

    My R. chahoua (mossy geckos)

    I have my male R. chahoua (mossy gecko), which I believe is a PI mossy (well looking at similar pics it looks to be a red morph PI mossy, but thats just a guess).... So yesterday I got him a lady friend, from the looks of it (again just guess work) and brown morph PI mossy, now shes only...
  3. GlobeMaster

    A round up of my gang

    New to this forum, so thought I would show everyone what I am currently keeping. First up we have my little carpet chameleon: And now my push over of a tokay: My little nutter of a crestie: My little baby leachie: The totally cute mossy gecko: And finally my...
  4. GlobeMaster

    My carpet chameleon (Furcifer lateralis lateralis)

    Hi there, New to this forum, but seen as I have ventured into the world of chameleons I thought it would be a good time to sign up :) So here is my little carpet chameleon, had this little one a week now, can wait to see how this one develops!
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