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  1. wsidepinoy

    California Forum Members

    fairfield, ca.....30 mins from sac and sfo
  2. wsidepinoy

    7 Months & Strong !

    Here is FELIX ! (the best picture i could get from him, he was doing the hiding behind the branch move) Ballor male from Chameleons101 ! 7 months and going ! He would barely flare up, he was more concerned with everything else outside LOL
  3. wsidepinoy

    July 31st (Sunday!) At the Brea Location for the South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meeting

    totally jelly of all the cham keepers in socal... i wish someone would organize something here in norcal
  4. wsidepinoy

    Cham lovers in Northern California!!!

    I'm in fairfield ca, I'm just a keeper, until my wife and I have our own place! I have an ambilobe male named felix.
  5. wsidepinoy

    Guess What I got? A sound machine>>

    ...are you being passive aggressive? Buying accessories or items for an animal when it's not needed and more so optional is more on the lines of a dog then a reptile, I mean im sure it pleases the owner but it's practical use, isnt practical...sorta like a rhinestone collar or pet clothes...
  6. wsidepinoy

    Guess What I got? A sound machine>>

    1. Uhmmm yes, when's the last time you saw a skid row panther cham? 2. Uhmmm yes, or else we wouldn't need agencies like the aspca or rescue groups and we wouldn't have a lot of the "my cham is sick but I don't wana take it to the vet " threads. 3. Keeping a cham up late occasionally won't...
  7. wsidepinoy

    Guess What I got? A sound machine>>

    I doubt they can hear our talking, I don't think their ears or vibrational receptors are as complex as other animals. Of course they can hear bass though, the wave lengths of bass freqencies have been known to bow windows, rattle things off desks etc because of the pressure they (bass waves)...
  8. wsidepinoy

    Carnivorous CRICKETS!!

    Yeah, I noticed my browns have lasted longer then my blacks (because i had a mixed bunch, and the blacks ate each other LOL)
  9. wsidepinoy

    Am I headed in the right direction?

    i used a latex based wood sealant on the corners so water wouldnt get through the cracks, and then i used minwax non gloss water based sealant on the wood itself to prevent water soaking into the wood.... here is my thread i started a while back, while i haven't tackled drainage properly...
  10. wsidepinoy

    Guess What I got? A sound machine>>

    ....why do i feel an overwhelming gut feeling of the next thread to come ?
  11. wsidepinoy

    Silkworms Located near Fairfield Ca ?

    It has cooled down a bit and I am looking to pick up (if possible) or ship some silkworms & hornworms. I looked at a couple of the site sponsors and it was either or, not both that were available. please PM with price and shippin :)
  12. wsidepinoy

    tiki tiki reptile

    Methamphetamine for crickets....
  13. wsidepinoy

    Mating dance??

    i think its a good thing they never developed hearing, they are shy by nature for the most part, think about how freaked out they would be, to not only SEE 360 degrees on each side but HEAR as well in full stereo !!! sensory overload !
  14. wsidepinoy

    sexing my panther

    looks female to me
  15. wsidepinoy

    16 x 16 x 30 Cham Cage - Fairfield, Ca (LOCAL ONLY)

    I have a 16x16x30 cage, silver color W/ LLLreptile drip tray that it sits underneath, (tray has a drainage hole cut on side for drainage piping into a bucket) $45 OBO Dollars takes it, pm me and we can set up a day for pick up or i'd be willing to trade for feeders / supplies !
  16. wsidepinoy

    Phoenix Worms

    ...i had about 30 of those flies pupate inside my large deli cup i had em in, and they freaked me out, cuz they do look like mini wasps ! i didnt know they didnt even have a mouth LOL i feel like i just lost some food ! cuz i totally let em go !! :(
  17. wsidepinoy

    Wet towel trick

    brown outs = killer of alot of things to solve that, have a battery backup unit / uninterrupted power supply
  18. wsidepinoy

    what is your chameleons name?

    BB Ambilobe Male; Felix
  19. wsidepinoy

    Is this hopper safe to feed ?

    i dunno lol i was just interested in lubbers so i read up on em
  20. wsidepinoy

    Is this hopper safe to feed ?

    was just reading this and found this about lubbers
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