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  1. pieter089

    Cage-Plants-Watering setup

    Just rearranged the plants bought some new ones and put up the misting/watering....the easy no hassle way. Cant believe it is so easy and I worried so much about getting the misting/watering right.
  2. pieter089

    Chameleon Rape

    This needs to be said, a few years ago I picked up a chameleon that was crossing the road, I wanted to take it to our farm. We stopped at a greenhouse to buy something, can't remember what, but it was on my hand while I was walking through the plants and suddenly started gripping my hand very...
  3. pieter089

    Is my cham secretly a cow?

    This morning, after a light rain shower, I put my Veiled in the sun outside and took him out and placed him on the grass so he could lick up sum rain water from the lawn(non toxic no pesticides or fertilizer) as he likes to do. He was drinking for about 30min walking around and licking up...
  4. pieter089

    New Cage

    I've had a new cage built and It's going to be delivered on friday, It is 50'' tall 40"X40" wide and covered with very fine diamond mesh. Think my 4 month old veiled is going to find it spacious! just needed to tell someone I can't wait!
  5. pieter089

    Young Veiled + Spiderweb

    Some pictures of Smarti I took this weekend... wish I could put them up in high resolution though
  6. pieter089

    Smarti the Veiled Chameleon prince-

    Here are a few pix that I had to take with a horrible camera phone, I'll put some HD ones on once I find My camera. Take a look at Smarti anyway, He's in a temporary outside cage till he gets his new Outside cage this weekend. He is about 15weeks, eating well, drinking well,sleeping well, vary...
  7. pieter089

    South African Chameleon Keeping/Breeding

    I know we are probably few and far between, but I would appreciate it if some South-African Cham keepers and/or breeders post here. Maybe just tell us what cham(s) you have, what difficulties you have faced and if you know anything that could be helpful to other people in S.A like where to...
  8. pieter089

    Misting for what?

    I have an almost 4 month old Veiled called "Smarti" and I am well informed and its not my first, still i wonder about misting... Does anyone know if it serves any other goal than triggering the drinking response? I have a Rock fountain in the cage and Smartie has no prob drinking from that...
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