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  1. jackson08

    Jackson plus bad vet=need HELP!!!

    So my big Jackson Thor that is almost 2 had a abscess and I took him to vet and they basically put him on injections every other day for a week. They also where cleaning the puss out every visit. So the last time I needed to take him I went to get him out of his cage and he wouldn't even move he...
  2. jackson08

    How big should my 4 month Jackson be?

    So I have a 4 month old Jackson that is still pretty small he is maybe 4 inches is that the size they should be at that age? I also am having a hard time feeding him cause he doesn't want to eat I have tried crickets, worms, and fruit flies. Any advise would be super helpful! I also forgot to...
  3. jackson08

    Baby Jackson Cham won't eat anything!!!!

    Hi I just got a 2 week old Jackson that won't eat!!! I have got him/her a few kinds of feeders he won't eat fruit flys or pinheads does anyone have any other ideas of what I can give the little guy??? Also it doesn't seem like he/she is drinking water is there a way I can try to get him/her more...
  4. jackson08

    Fat Jackson

    So I have cut his diet down and he climbs around all day. What other ways can I help or get him to slim down. He isn't huge but he has belly on him. Any help would be awesome thanks!
  5. jackson08

    Few Jackson questions

    So my Jackson when I have his red basking light on during the night he doesn't sleep. Is that ok or what can I do to make it ok? Also would it be ok for a female jackson to be in the cage with him?
  6. jackson08

    How to slim down my Jackson????

    Hi I have a Jackson that is starting to look a little chunky. I feed him about 15 to 20 crickets a week I also skip days of crickets and replace them with waxworms. He is almost a year old is this to much or will he grow into it? Or should I keep feeding him this way? How can I slim him down...
  7. jackson08

    Red spots on Male Jackson please help!!!

    So my jackson Thor just recently got 2 red sport behind his arms one on each side and they won't go away. I don't know if he w.c but I am pretty sure he was. So my question is what does that mean? It only started happening after I got my veiled. They are a foot apart with divides so they can't...
  8. jackson08

    New chameleon questions!

    So I got a new female veiled cham today. I am asking what to do when they are pregnant. I heard to put a 6 inch spot of sand in the cage for them to lay eggs. Is this a true thing to do? Also do I need a certain temp I heard you want the cage around 70 degrees also is this true? When are females...
  9. jackson08

    Discoloration on Jackson Chameleon

    I need some help with my cham I have a jackson chameleon that has some discoloration around his mouth under is eye somewhat on both sides of his mouth. He also has some discolor on his back leg on the inside it looks like it rubs or something. I need some help or advise. I heard the mouth rot...
  10. jackson08

    What is a good misting kit?

    I have a jackson and I plan on getting a misting set up. I have done lots of looking and I have no idea what to get. Any input will be nice thanks!
  11. jackson08

    Should I get a Veiled Chameleon??

    So I am trying to figure out if I want to get a Veiled Cham or not. I have had a few Jacksons and love them I just think it's time to try a new species. I would love to hear some input on them and what kind of bulbs and things I would need for the cage. Anything will help! Thanks!
  12. jackson08

    Jackson Chameleon help!

    Hi I have a jackson chameleon and I have a few questions. My chameleon loves being out and about but lately he has dark spots popping up here and there. Then if I look at him again a day later some will go away but some stay. He has one spot on his mouth that is discolored and is peeling a...
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