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  1. Picasso123

    Sigh think end might be near?

    He's beginning to looking boney especially in his tail. He seems to be on the bottom more perhaps due to a lose of strength. Being as I'm unsure if he's eating or drinking anymore I'm not sure the vet could do anything for him at this stage? However when I help him back up to the top he opens...
  2. Picasso123

    Horrible accident

    I had put his cage outside to enjoy the hot spring day today. The cage was weighed down with a watered hibiscus with rocks in it to keep him from eating any dirt. Had to be at least 20-30lbs. The wind gust was apparently just a little stronger and knocked the whole 4' cage off the table with...
  3. Picasso123

    Seasonal behavior change?

    It's been weeks of warmer temps and he's been in his normal spot and routine and suddenly today he was hanging near the bottom and tonight sitting on the floor of the cage? He's got a IR light for the winter for about 3mths and there's plenty of crickets in the cage too? Is this perhaps a...
  4. Picasso123

    Happy to have survived fall storm Alfred in CT

    day 1: lights went out must be bed time? day 2: not horrible but getting cold there's no lights on either? day 3: It's in the upper 50s and I'm freezing in here. Oh no the human is coming and trying to play with me. I hiss at him to drive him back but he picks up my entire dowel and what's...
  5. Picasso123

    normal for PC have mouth open a crack?

    Seems when he's at rest he leaves his mouth open just a crack? Is that some thermo regulatory thing?
  6. Picasso123

    Today's my BIRTHDAY!!!

    He was born just 1yr ago today!!
  7. Picasso123

    Nasty little "worms" in cricket bin

    I had these nasty little worms/larvae crawling around in the crickets food today. I clean it out every week too. Are these maggots or perhaps some beetle larvae? I had used spring greens and red pepper this week and I normally use romaine and carrot. the red pepper got a little mussy in the food...
  8. Picasso123

    Can you keep mulitple girls together in a large cage?

    I saw someone on here had like 14+ in an outdoor enclosure wondering if 2-3 would do ok in a cage together?
  9. Picasso123

    hibiscus care

    My hibiscus has started wilting and no matter how much water it seems to get it doesn't improve? This summer it was fine but it was much warmer inside. Do I need to fertilize it now that it's getting cooler?
  10. Picasso123

    Winter help

    So sadly it's beginning to get cold out and I'm wondering how my Cham is gonna handle the winter and what I should do to help him. The house is usually 68 so should I get a 2nd light or a heater? Also my hibiscus doesn't seem to be doing so well lately either?
  11. Picasso123

    Veil vs Panther behavior

    Have had my panther also 6mths and thank to the forum for making him healthy again. He's so fast when food comes by. Thinking of adding a 2nd cham and wonder if Veils behave different then panthers as far as activity or noise or whatever. Thanks
  12. Picasso123


    I just watered by PC who's in a molt and it sounded like he was "barking"?? Did he get water up his nose? He's stopped now.
  13. Picasso123

    That was so cool

    I find him dangling from a dowel and wonder if I should help him get to the plant below. Nope little fella used his tail like a rope and did it himself!! SO COOL!!!
  14. Picasso123

    Really confused now!

    My breeder told me to use a powersun and repcal w/ d3 twice a week and herptivite once a week. Now I read powersuns are horrible and I should be dusting daily with calcium power and only using d3 and herptivite twice a month? currently have a 100w powersun on a 4' cage Which way is right? I'm...
  15. Picasso123

    I hate when he climbs himself

    is it normal for Panthers to think their arms are branches too? He loses his grip sometimes on dowels and he hangs from his forearms. Then he uses his back legs to climb his forearms and get back on. I wanna install a safety net!
  16. Picasso123

    Catching learning curve?

    In the small cage the crickets hung out near the top and he could cover half the cage almost with his tongue range. Now in the large cage things don't sit around as much and by the time he's ready to strike they've decided to start moving again.
  17. Picasso123


    I've seen chameleon "shelves" for glass cages but nothing for terrariums? My cham sometimes climbs on the cage ceilings and sometimes he falls cuz he cant get his back end up to grab on. Would be nice to have a safety net so he doesn't fall to the bottom.
  18. Picasso123

    chameleons live in the jungle right?

    Some should tell my chameleon that he seems to hates plants.
  19. Picasso123

    Fallen in his sleep?

    He's sound a asleep then I hear a big sound least for his cage. Come to realize one of the branches that's been up for ever fell. I pick it up with him attached and he's still asleep!! Now he's off looking for some new spot to sleep.
  20. Picasso123

    How many crickets is 1 superwomr worth?

    I think my Panther is kinda tired of his oatmeal crickets, but he LOVES superworms!! Every one is gone in minutes. How many crickets is 1 superworm worth in nutrition?
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