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    Why hasn't he shed? Any help 

    Hi, I got my first Cham in April last year and he's awesome, had hum from a baby. Before Christmas I rehomed him to a much better vivarium with better lights live plants, he is happy in there but he hasn't shed his skin in over two months? He stopped eating as much but this happened a long...
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    My chameleon scares me...

    Alrite guys, just wondering what u guys feed your chams, and how much? My chameleon Keith has been on hunger strike for a while now. At first he ate absolutely everything, then he started only taking waxworms and grasshoppers. Now and for the past two or three weeks he's will only eat...
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    What do u guys do?

    Hi forum, just a quick question on how u guys go about tying your climbing branches in a mesh viv, iv just gone from a wood and glass viv to mesh and don't want to make holes in it or ruin the mesh??? Any suggestions? Thanx again aaron
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    Fussy chameleon? Any suggestions?

    Hi again guys, My 7month old male veiled has decided that he's not to keen on crickets anymore? He's been on grasshoppers for the last week and will eat the odd cricket or morio worm... What would you guys switch to as daily feeders? He would happily eat waxworms all day but usually give...
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    Just a quick question about UVB bulbs?

    Hi guys I have just ordered my chameleon a new custom built cage, but just a quick question, I have had in his old cage 2 tube lights, 1 exoterra reptile-glo 5.0uvb and 1 zoomed repti-sun 5.0uvb. But was wondering if I really need both or is this to much UVB??? Thanks Aaron.
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    ??Calling all uk owners??

    I'm looking for a new cage for my chameleon, he's about 9 months and is in a wood and glass viv, he needs a new house and was wondering if anyone knows of a good site where I can order a nice screen cage, I have looked online but only found U.S sites that can't or cost to much to ship to the...
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    What gutload do you use?

    Alrite guys, I'm a month into owning my first chameleon and he's doing great, Just wanted to know what u guys find the best for gutloading your feeders. At the moment I have been buying a variety of fruit and veggies and dicing it all freezing and using daily. I'm in the uk and find it...
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    New chameleon stopped eating?

    Im a newby to owning my chameleon hes only 4months old and iov had him for 4days, the first three he has been fine eating from a cup and on 1 occasion my hand but today he has refused any food i offer, when i go in his viv he just goes as deep into the plant as he can or hisses, should i be...
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    New chameleon today

    Hi guys, finally got my chameleon today, hes a male veilid only a baby though, just wondering if theres any tips for setteling him in hes ok at the minute just wondering if u guys have got any comments on what i should and shouldnt do. Also he keeps on shuttin 1 eye probraly just me worrying...
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    Newby needs help.

    Hi guys and gals, im in the uk and am gettin my chameleon in the next few weeks but am having problems gettin him, i was just wondering if anybody knew a shop or site that can supply. 1 other thing is, iv found the calcium powder to give him daily but cant find 1 with d3 to give him twice a...
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    please help

    i am currently setting up my viv got my lights and everything in yesterday, can u just let me no the ideal tempruture, also how should i trim my ficus, hes a bit big and needs a trim, just wondering if any1s gt any tips thanx aaron
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    Drip system

    Was just wondering whats the best way to go about drip systems, homemade or bought in? And if i do buy in what sort should i go for? Thanx aaron
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    exo terra?

    was gonna buy myself a exo terra fogger and waterfall, anybody had any luck with this or similar products:confused: let me no before i go wasting money on products that are no good, i will be buying a mistking but not for a while as initial startup can be expensive(not a problem) just want...
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    What are the best live plants

    hi guys and girls, im new to the hobby and jst want to no what is the best to put on the grond in my vivarium, and also what live plants are safe. Basically just let me no what u experience owners put on the ground and plants cos im not sure wheather just to go with fake ficus plants. all...
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    help and advice is always nice.

    Hi i dont yet own a chameleon but am doing lots of research and buying of items for him, i want a male velied, i have bout a mesh viv with glass sliding doors,4x2x2 and just want to no the best equipment to buy, and if any1 no's prices of velieds in the uk as i have a supplier and he also knows...
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