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  1. Zombie Chameleon


    I don't know if this is dumb or not but I was sitting out side and I saw a big juicy ant and I was thinking on catching a bunch of them so they can start a colony in this big container I have . The I would gut load them for awhile and feed them to my Chameleons as a treat if they liked it of...
  2. Zombie Chameleon

    Identification please

    Hi I just got into panther Chameleons and I wanted to get started on a panther breeding project soon so I bought a couple here and there some at expos some from breeders . I like to label there cages with what they are I got this wild caught one from a friend of mine he said it an ambilobe but...
  3. Zombie Chameleon

    Assistance Please !

    Hey guys a couple weeks ago I got a female ambilobe at a expo . She wasnt very active and she looked very dehydrated the only way I got liquids into her body was by dripping little bits of water into her mouth when she was chewing on crickets . She's very active now drinking water and climbing...
  4. Zombie Chameleon

    Help please

    I gave my Chameleon some crickets today but more then I wanted fell out . I couldn't go in the cage and capture all of them because I wouldn't be able to find them . Stupid me I feel bad for the crickets so I decided to give them a little bit of flukers gut load in a bottle cap so they can eat...
  5. Zombie Chameleon

    Is this plant safe ?

    I was just getting new plants and I want to know if this plant is safe can any one help me ?
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