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  1. Defianceofexistence

    From crickets to roaches advice?

    Oh yes, the cricket to roach stand off lol. I remember this well. When I switched Loki my male veiled to roaches he was not impressed. He preferred to free range his crickets and all of a sudden there was a dish in his territory with strange blackish brown blobs that prefer to huddle in a...
  2. Defianceofexistence

    Eye swollen and bleeding

    Its swollen all around but Id say a bit more at the top. Its defiantly gone down a lot when I checked him before leaving for work this morning. I took out his ledge that he was rubbing against but now he just rubs it against the sides of the terrarium. :rolleyes: My silly boy
  3. Defianceofexistence

    Eye swollen and bleeding

    So last week my boyfriend texted me while I was at work to say that Links eye was huge. He was acting totally normal so I figured he had irritated it and so I showered him and let him clean it then I flushed it with saline and it said online that this could happen and it would go down once he...
  4. Defianceofexistence

    How does he look?

    Awe he is a handsome little guy.....I'm no expert but he doesn't really look dehydrated to me, but he could maybe bulk up a bit...the pads on his head are awfully flat....hopefully a senior member will weigh in....enjoy him :-)
  5. Defianceofexistence

    Eye buldge

    :eek:So Tuesday my boyfriend texted me while I was at work and asked me "What does it mean if Link's eye is HUGE" and of course I was thinking...well his eyes are pretty big as it is, until he sent me a picture and I freaked out.....I googled it and found info saying he could have something...
  6. Defianceofexistence

    How much

    My male is very aggressive. He is almost 2 now and he prefers to be left alone. If I do have to take him out I do it quickly and try not to get bit lol. He has been this way forever, he just doesn't like to be handled. He has never been mistreated and is healthy and thriving so his set up is...
  7. Defianceofexistence

    If you need a giggle

    :pSo I came across this today and it made me laugh. Shared it on my face book and my non reptile friends (they are so cute lol) didn't think it was funny. So I figured, where better to share it then with you all :-) :D
  8. Defianceofexistence

    Differences between Veiled and Panthers

    I had my veiled first before getting my panther. Their set up is exactly the same. The only difference being that Loki (Veiled male) is VERY antisocial...he doesn't even like eye contact, let alone actual touching lol. Where as Link (Male Panther) is an absolute sweetheart, he wants to be out...
  9. Defianceofexistence

    Cricket Question

    I normally get them from King Ed's. Its on Kingsway in Burnaby. Or sometimes pet smart....I don't keep them in abundance like I used to since my boys like a variety so I just get enough to gut load and feed off at a time. I have a colony of roaches so they get more of those. Honestly I don't...
  10. Defianceofexistence

    How to store dubias?

    I keep mine in a large Rubbermaid with a hole cut in the lid. I don't heat mine because they breed like mad without the heat in my place lol...They cant climb well at all.
  11. Defianceofexistence

    Cricket Question

    I use tweezers.....I just grab them out of the bin by a leg or gently around their middle (has to be gentle or they squish lol) and drop them into a cup with my calcium in it...give it a shake and then I cup feed both my boys so I just shake them into the cup. I live in Burnaby BC :D
  12. Defianceofexistence

    It was bound to happen

    It hurt....I don't know what I would compare it to...maybe pinching your finger hard in a drawer plus getting a chunk of skin ripped off at the same time lol. The cut didn't hurt as much as the pressure from his jaw. I still have a bit of bruising on it and its tender. I wouldn't...
  13. Defianceofexistence

    It was bound to happen

    I wouldn't want to get a full on meant to cause pain bite that's for sure. The nip I got was enough to remind me that no matter how friendly Link has turned out to be, he is still able to give a nasty bite lol
  14. Defianceofexistence

    It was bound to happen

    Well since I now have three reptile children it was only a matter of time before someone bit me lol. I kind of thought it would be my veiled Loki.....only because he is such a grump lol. Turns out it was my newest addition Link (Panther cham). And it wasn't his fault, I was giving him...
  15. Defianceofexistence

    Merry Christmas :-)

    hahaha yup that is just how Bowser is.....he is so lazy that he only eats when food comes to him lol...if it crawls far enough away that he would have to move to eat it he will keep looking at me, then at the bug as if to say "come on woman, feed my face" :rolleyes: lol....unless its an adult...
  16. Defianceofexistence

    Merry Christmas :-)

    Bowser is the most relaxed and layed back beardie lol...he probably would have worn it all day but I only put it on for the picture and then took it off ;)
  17. Defianceofexistence

    Merry Christmas :-)

    So my Chameleons brother "Bowser" has been asleep for almost 4 months. It was a Christmas miracle and he woke up this weekend. So I snapped a Christmas pic of him since neither of my Cham's is to interested in wearing the santa hat lol So Merry Christmas from Santa Bowser :rolleyes:
  18. Defianceofexistence

    Link :-)

    He has such an awesome personality...I'm very smitten lol
  19. Defianceofexistence

    Link :-)

    Thanks :-) He is a very special guy
  20. Defianceofexistence

    New Male Veiled Hissing and Gaping

    He is probably just scared and feels unsafe, a lot of change has happened to him. Give him a bit after you get him settled in a proper terrarium. That being said, my male veiled Loki (over a year old) is as grumpy as they come lol. We have a love hate relationship....he hates me and I love...
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