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  1. sharlaxle

    Caligula; 7 month old Blue Bar Ambilobe!

    I have one boy left from my October 2013 hatch. He is eating great on a full range of gutloaded insects. Look at the color coming in! Price 300+shipping. Shipped SYR overnight with live arrival and 5 day guarantee. Well out of the baby stage Caligula is looking for a new empire to rule! Contact...
  2. sharlaxle

    Male 7 month old Ambilobe

    One male available. 7 month old eating well on dubia, crickets, mealworms, supers, and silks all which have been gutloaded. 300+ shipping. I am located at 53142. Sire is pictured along with exact Chameleon. Please feel free to contact with any questions.:D
  3. sharlaxle


    I took Todds' advice on my Arcadia and I have never been happier. I feel the feeding response along with my survival rate has increased. He had amazing customer service, and I still buy from him on a regular basis. Sharl
  4. sharlaxle

    panther and geckos opposite eachother

    Well I don't have any scientific proof, however my geckos and chameleons are housed in the same room, and none of my chameleons have ever seemed bothered by them. Mine are crested geckos so active at night, and with the chameleons active by day it has never been an issue. While I...
  5. sharlaxle

    Spring Colors are here! Male Ambilobe Panthers 5 months

    I have a few males left. Hatched out the first week or two of October they are showing some nice color. Prices are 275.00 shipped. I ship overnight M-W only. Temps have to be over 40 to ship and someone needs to be home to receive them. One male pictured, other males pictures available upon...
  6. sharlaxle

    Way over my head with cham genetics.

    Chameleon gentics are much like other animals. Half of the genes come from mom, and half from dad. So like any child they usually don't look exactly like one parent or the other, but rather a mix of them. I don't know any breeder who will guarantee what a chameleon will look like before...
  7. sharlaxle

    Enclosure Ideas

    Welcome and glad to see you made it!! You will find we are a passionate bunch here, and all of us love our chameleons! Some really helpful blogs are on this forum, from Sandra's gutloading to amazing husbandry! Once again I am glad you are here, and I know you'll make a great panther owner:)...
  8. sharlaxle

    How often do we recomend....?

    Well honestly I wouldn't change it to make a few sales. I guess I got lucky with my mentor, and just assumed that's the way things were :) Thanks all:) I'm glad there are others out there who don't view this as weird:D.
  9. sharlaxle

    Panther Hatchling....drinking water?

    Just keep an eye on them, I have had a clutch hatch out over 5 weeks, and I am still waiting on one little white egg, that's just not ready yet. Every time I see a clutch, I think, ok here we go, and buy a new Lady Clairol for all the grey hairs these little guys give me :) sharl
  10. sharlaxle

    How often do we recomend....?

    I suppose I'm just surprised. I don't really know anything about other reptiles, so I just never stopped to think that the other reptile hobby might not do the same.:confused: Sharl
  11. sharlaxle

    How often do we recomend....?

    I've had a few odd things happen recently and wanted to ask the people on this forum if similar things have happened to them. Let me start off with I am a hobby breeder. By this I mean I might have usually one clutch a year from my Ambi's or Nosey Be's. So I usually go to shows or sell by...
  12. sharlaxle

    Breeding Chameleons Soon?

    Ambi's both red and blue, and out-crossed to a WC so I can't wait to see what that batch looks like. Also have Nosey Be incubating.
  13. sharlaxle

    Put your Sunglasses on cause.....

    Ok thats it. You all in Florida have such wonderful Chams that in two years I'm moving down there! He is a really nice looking guy!
  14. sharlaxle

    I Lost Sir Lancelot to a hawk

    I'm sorry, I know it doesn't help. I do have to say that most of us would never have even considered looking for a hawk. Thant you did for years just proves what good care you did take of him.
  15. sharlaxle


    Many people use a closet method for incubation. Take some pearlite or hatchrite place it about an inch deep in a plastic container (I use a Tupperware container) and add lukewarm water. Enough so that when you squeeze a handful your get a drop or two of water out of it. Weigh it, then once the...
  16. sharlaxle

    Only a Cham lover would understand!

    Lol no it is not a small thing. :) Glad to hear he is drinking for you! However I do have to laugh. I can see you doing the happy dance. I did the white girl can't dance dance when the poop thread came out, and I found that what I was sure was a terrible...
  17. sharlaxle

    concerned new cham mummy

    The misting is a good start, I like to put them in a plant in the shower for about 15- 30 minutes. It seems to help them flush out the eyes, along with a great hydration boost :) Just make sure that the water is lukewarm, and the shower is hitting a wall not the plant directly. You want it...
  18. sharlaxle

    help male acting strange only wants to climb down

    As a thought, you might want to get liquid calcium, but please be cautious about it's use. I know I use it on my gravid females and rapidly growing youngsters. It will not fix the problem if your cham needs a vet, however it is useful for animals who have higher calcium. Sharl
  19. sharlaxle

    Help For My Male Panther

    While I agree it might be signs of early MBD I noticed you said you supplemented with "I feed him crickets loaded with veggies and dusted with a multi vitamin and calcium powder with D3." Do you dust with D3 and multivitamens everyday? or what is your dusting schedule? The only reason I...
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