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  1. oldworldlife

    Zoo Med?

    zoo sized uvb works good at over a foot away best for free range or lg zoo sized cages if used on a small cage it can burn your cham
  2. oldworldlife

    1 Month Old Veiled Chameleon Not Eating

    I like how You speak for everyone on this site or is it everyone in the world.
  3. oldworldlife

    1 Month Old Veiled Chameleon Not Eating

    just cause a 14 year old tells you something doesn't make it true . In 5 years that was the only peice of advice on this site about supplements/food worth being made into a sticky .
  4. oldworldlife

    1 Month Old Veiled Chameleon Not Eating

    more bad advice The Powersun is a UVB light:rolleyes: My 10 year old daughter knows that If you don't know what your talking about you shouldn't give out advice! At only a month she is fine in the fish tank most all reputable breeders keep baby chameleons in tanks there first month or...
  5. oldworldlife

    new panthers

    more more pictures
  6. oldworldlife

    new panthers

    Thanks to Thomas and lance I have three New Members
  7. oldworldlife

    Wont eat crickets but eats strawberrys

    Wtf ? really one superworm is worse then daily feedings of strawberrys:rolleyes:
  8. oldworldlife

    Wont eat crickets but eats strawberrys

    Roachs superworms silkworms try superworms
  9. oldworldlife

    Veiled Eggs...Daisy laid 78!!!! HOLY MOLY!

    61 I have had a batch of 61 only lost three out of those.
  10. oldworldlife

    Broken toe nails

    free range you can thank your screen cage for that
  11. oldworldlife

    Jacksons at the pet store

    Wtf?? $100 Why would you think about buying anaimal that is way over priced and not being proprly taken care of . you have a cpu use it kingsnake and fauna have them at $20 -$25 each
  12. oldworldlife

    Question for everyone

    why why not ??????
  13. oldworldlife

    Question for everyone

    $450 I just payed $450 for a Krammers hope it's not the same chameleon lol.
  14. oldworldlife

    Age Curiosity

    5+ I have a male veiled that was full grown and given to me as a retired breeder he's been here for five 1/2 years since then This is an old man I just wish I knew how old he really was .
  15. oldworldlife

    Best Looking Veileds

    1st place 1st place miss green usa
  16. oldworldlife

    help! eggs have hatched and something is wrong !!!

    I have a batch of veilied eggs that just hatched. They came out of a female that was very old and she died before laying the eggs she died only a week or so earlyer then the eggs should have been layed. I cut out the eggs and incubated them about 6 months and they started hatching two days ago...
  17. oldworldlife

    going commercial or going sterile

    I used them as quarantine cages .
  18. oldworldlife

    pygmy cage pic's

    more pics thats a 75 and two 20s heres more
  19. oldworldlife

    pygmy cage pic's

    Here are some pic's of my setups
  20. oldworldlife

    Eggs cracking open!!

    when you take the lid off the container and they crawl out and try to get away then it is time to move them to there hatch bins.
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