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  1. tvrsir

    **blue bar stunner adult male breeder phenominal colors

    sold thank you$400 shipped 7734182090
  2. tvrsir

    **son of ironman for sale! Kammers line. Beautful male 15 months old!

    I hate to do this but i have to let this guy go. he is 100 percent healthy and is very friendly. He breeds freely and is cup trained and hand feed train. He is the direct son of ironman. genetic he is amazing and he displays it also. THIS GUY DOES NOT HAVE AN UGLY DAY.. HE IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL...
  3. tvrsir

    14 month old beautiful male panther $350 shipped

    big boy, tame, friendly, eat from your hands or from a cup. or insects inside the enclosure. please text or call at 7734182090
  4. tvrsir

    For sale breeder size male stunning! Red/ yellow screamer

    SOLD THANK YOU GUYS FOR LOOKING UNFORTUNATELI HAVE TO LET THIS GUY GO. HE EATS WELL, AWESOME BREEDER AND VERY FRIENDLY. $450 shipped 13 months old please text me at 773-418-2090 i will get to you asap
  5. tvrsir

    12 month old beautiful, absolutely friendly panther

    asking 485 shipped he had one breeding, eggs incubating as we speak.
  6. tvrsir

    what is everyone using for fluid hydration during recovery?

    Wanna get some fluids in my baby chameleon he ia recovering from ri.
  7. tvrsir

    mistking nozzle installation on reptibreeze pic request.

    If u have some. Please post
  8. tvrsir

    will a chameleon growth stunt if he is kept in a smaller enclosure?

    I know fish grow slow when kept in a smaller tank but do chameleons do the same? Or the will just outgrow it?
  9. tvrsir

    Are dubias like house roaches? are they invasive?

    if a few were to get out would they infest the house? im thinking of buying some and i am afraid they are like those nasty house roaches that multiply at will.
  10. tvrsir

    post pics of your cricket keepers!

    just wanna get an idea of how everyone keeps them. thanks also what is the water source u guys use to hydrate them?
  11. tvrsir

    aquazamp or mistking?

    im looking to have one of these and need help deciding. i plan on adding more cages a down the road so i want one that can add nozzles. which one do you prefer and why?
  12. tvrsir

    Where is everyone getting live feed for their chameleons? Online wise.

    Please let me know. Doing research.
  13. tvrsir

    Are dividers needed when two screen cages on next to one another?

    i'll have three screen cages next to each other. should i place cardboard in between?
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