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  1. joboi1535

    Free range drainage!

    i have no clue how to drain my free range, need help from the awsome experts in these forums so please, in need of some drainage ideas. my free range is basicly a bunch of branches along the walla of my room starting from a corner. thanks
  2. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    Hi, ive been wondering if it is ok to feed my jackson's chameleons american roaches, there the big bron and redish kind. i fed my male and female each one and they demolished the nasty things. i just want to make sure if its ok or not to be a feeder so i can continue or stop. thank you :)
  3. joboi1535

    Finally finished my chams FR!

    Ive been working on my chams free range all day today and finally finished will post pics soon. i also have a question, is it normal for my cham to eat 10 crickets in 2 minutes out of a similar version of the sunny d deathtrap? will post video as well thanks.
  4. joboi1535

    Just wondering about fr stuff

    Just wondering what you use to keep your cham from roaming out of your free range and any advice on free range drainage. any advice is greatly appreciated thanks to everyone who reads this post :)
  5. joboi1535

    Housing 2 jackson females/ need some advice

    hello everyone, i have 2 female jackson chameleons both alittle under a year old and i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on this. right now there sleeping soundly. the cage is about 2' wide by 2' high. they seem to be doing well together so far but i'll see in the morning if it...
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