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  1. jah

    feeder breeding

    Anyone know any worm type feeders that would be not too complicated to breed?, picked up some butterworms and silkworms today. My guy seems to really like them, would like to feed more regularly to save some money. If anyone had any guides to this it'd be greatly appreciated:)
  2. jah

    umbrella plant

    anyone have problems with an umbrella plant? This is my second one, and it seems like its dieing again, my previous one wilted alot, and lost all its size and leaves. Do they need certain care that i'm maybe not providing?
  3. jah

    female panther question

    I was just wondering at what age a female ambilobe can start breeding
  4. jah

    is this a burn?

    Just noticed a little bit of flakey skin, wondering if its from a burn possibly? he seems to enjoy basking alot. hasn't shed lately so not from that..heres a couple pics, (one side and then the other side with the skin)
  5. jah

    is this an umbrella plant?

    Hey ladies/gents picked this up today for super cheap, thought itd be nice for some real plants to add to the setup..Just wanna make sure its 100% umbrella before I put it in, it didnt say at the home depot where I got it. Thanks:)
  6. jah

    mister placement

    Anyone know where I should place the nozzle of my mist king inside the cage? Back corner spraying down towards the middle?
  7. jah

    bedtime pics !

    took a couple pics of my bud tonight before he went to bed! think he was getting a little pissy the lights wern't out yet, what a guyy..found this video of him eating a strawberry piece from a couple weeks ago, he comes right up and takes it from my hand now rather than shooting his tounge out...
  8. jah

    cham cage

    Finally upgraded my cham cage! Hes lovinnnn it. Before and after pics:)
  9. jah

    mist king

    free shipping on the mist kings this weekend, thinking of picking one up, is the start kit a good investment for the cham?!
  10. jah


    Heyyy, I just got a new enclosure for my cham, its a 2' 2' 4' aluminum cage. Previously I had an Exo-Terra(glass) and humidity was always up high when I misted but now i'm having a little trouble with the screen cage, any tips?!
  11. jah

    chameleon handling

    Any one else' chameleon enjoy being gently rubbed under his chin?! Mine will sit there for time enjoying(at least I think) then climbs towards the same finger I use to rub then stops and sits if i start rubbing again,,.is this normal? or did i get a cham that truley enjoys being handled since...
  12. jah

    cage size

    is a 2x2x4' aluminum screen cage a good size for a 7 month old panther cham? Will it be good enough size for when hes full grown too?
  13. jah

    cham cage

    anyone have a large reptibreeze cage for sale?!
  14. jah

    breeding partners?

    Does anyone in Toronto Ontario area have a female ambilobe they want to breed with my male ambilobe? Not sure if ppl even do this, but thought i'd give it a shot!
  15. jah

    Kraken pics

    my little guy Kraken is growing up fast! some pics of his color changes over the last few months
  16. jah

    chameleon on floor

    My chameleons been on the floor of the terrarium lately, is this fine/normal? He's approx 6-7 months
  17. jah

    More colour!

    My little guy Charmander just finished a shed, looking a lot more colourful! crazy how much they can change in a week! Heres a couple pics:) p.s any age approx. age guess for you ladies/gents?! still not sure how old he is
  18. jah

    my baby boi!

    my baby boy's starting to show some colour! excited to see how he'll look as he gets older, crazyyy how fast they grow,.heres a couple pics:)
  19. jah

    gutload question

    for my gutload atm i'm using orange,apples,carrots, and strawberries, all mixed together.,.i just chop them up into small pieces. My question is should I mush them all together, is that easier for crickets to consume rather than little cut up pieces?
  20. jah

    age guess?!

    I was just wondering if anyone can tell approx. what age my cham is. I had him when he was a lot smaller, but was never told the age.,to me i'd say 3 months sound right?
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