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  1. joboi1535

    Carpet girl hanging out

    i wish my cham was that awsomely colored lol
  2. joboi1535

    Free range drainage!

    i have no clue how to drain my free range, need help from the awsome experts in these forums so please, in need of some drainage ideas. my free range is basicly a bunch of branches along the walla of my room starting from a corner. thanks
  3. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    ima start breeding them to be more safe because they do breed like crazy and i need some variety in my feeders
  4. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    getting the roaches from outside, i get em at night with a flashlight and them gutload em with turnip greens and a water and gutload in one feeder
  5. joboi1535

    My Friendly Montysaur!

    haha wow minez are the same way
  6. joboi1535

    FR for WC, bettter or worse?

    If you have a cool humidifier then the manual spraying and drip system should be good. i fr my chams 24 7, two girls and a male. ploblems ive run into is space. if you free range more than one cham then its best to give them all enough space from eachother. My jacksons have been so much brighter...
  7. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    thanks cain, appreciate the advice :) thats exactly what im doing haha
  8. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    thank you guys all the info helps lots :)
  9. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    yeah this one...
  10. joboi1535

    American roach as feeder

    Hi, ive been wondering if it is ok to feed my jackson's chameleons american roaches, there the big bron and redish kind. i fed my male and female each one and they demolished the nasty things. i just want to make sure if its ok or not to be a feeder so i can continue or stop. thank you :)
  11. joboi1535

    Finally finished my chams FR! The sunny Deathtrap!
  12. joboi1535

    I want to hold my panther

    this thread is hilarious haha
  13. joboi1535

    Name Decided!

    awsome name im still trying to think of a name for my female jackson
  14. joboi1535

    pygmy leaf cham

    haha that made me laugh cause its true
  15. joboi1535

    Finally finished my chams FR!

    Ive been working on my chams free range all day today and finally finished will post pics soon. i also have a question, is it normal for my cham to eat 10 crickets in 2 minutes out of a similar version of the sunny d deathtrap? will post video as well thanks.
  16. joboi1535

    New Jackson Chameleon Owner

    oh my bad didnt see the pics at the bottom lol
  17. joboi1535

    New Jackson Chameleon Owner

    Put some pics up i would love to see sparty and tessy :)
  18. joboi1535

    Free range basics

    awsome free range bro
  19. joboi1535

    open air/free range

    mice looking free range
  20. joboi1535

    Just wondering about fr stuff

    Just wondering what you use to keep your cham from roaming out of your free range and any advice on free range drainage. any advice is greatly appreciated thanks to everyone who reads this post :)
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