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  1. sharlaxle

    Caligula; 7 month old Blue Bar Ambilobe!

    I have one boy left from my October 2013 hatch. He is eating great on a full range of gutloaded insects. Look at the color coming in! Price 300+shipping. Shipped SYR overnight with live arrival and 5 day guarantee. Well out of the baby stage Caligula is looking for a new empire to rule! Contact...
  2. sharlaxle

    Male 7 month old Ambilobe

    One male available. 7 month old eating well on dubia, crickets, mealworms, supers, and silks all which have been gutloaded. 300+ shipping. I am located at 53142. Sire is pictured along with exact Chameleon. Please feel free to contact with any questions.:D
  3. sharlaxle

    Spring Colors are here! Male Ambilobe Panthers 5 months

    I have a few males left. Hatched out the first week or two of October they are showing some nice color. Prices are 275.00 shipped. I ship overnight M-W only. Temps have to be over 40 to ship and someone needs to be home to receive them. One male pictured, other males pictures available upon...
  4. sharlaxle

    How often do we recomend....?

    I've had a few odd things happen recently and wanted to ask the people on this forum if similar things have happened to them. Let me start off with I am a hobby breeder. By this I mean I might have usually one clutch a year from my Ambi's or Nosey Be's. So I usually go to shows or sell by...
  5. sharlaxle

    Mealworms bedding from?

    Ok so I left some mealworms In a bin and sort of forgot them. Now I have a bin full of more mealworms. I need to get more bedding for them. I saw that most people use bran, so my question is where do you get it? I tried walmart, they didn't even know what bran was:/ Thank you for your...
  6. sharlaxle

    Panther 3.5 months M or F?

    Ok now I know my gut, however I think I've stared at this one too long. What do you think? Male or female?
  7. sharlaxle

    ISO nosey mitso

    Looking for a mitso. Prefer male, would consider female:) can offer partial trade for ambi or nosey be if interested. Sharl
  8. sharlaxle

    Ambilobes for sale

    I have males and females that will be ready for shipping right after Christmas. From high red/ yellow lines. Males 225+ shipping females 150+ shipping. Eating well on 1/4 crickets, dubia, silkworms, and mealworms for treats. Supplemented on a schedule and keep under Arcadia lights these guys are...
  9. sharlaxle

    Wanted trade ambis for nosey mitso

    Willing to trade some of my ambi baby panthers for a nosey mitso. Babies are not ready to go yet, but will give you pick of the clutch. Sharl :p
  10. sharlaxle

    Opinion Needed is this a Nosey Be?

    Hey guys this cham was sold to me as a nosey Be baby. Now this was a nightmare from the get go. Breeder shipped out babies that MIGHT have been a week old, but I doubt it. So somehow thanks be to miracles this baby survived and is coloring up. Now this is the first Nosey Be I've had so I am...
  11. sharlaxle

    Sunshine vs Distress, Where do you draw the line?

    Ok so I like to take all of my babies outside for fresh air and sunshine. Since we finally got above the frozen artic line in temperature they each go out with me for 30-60 minutes of good old fashioned sun at least twice a week to four times a week. However here's the catch, (isn't there always...
  12. sharlaxle

    How long after laying are Panther eggs safe to move?

    Ok, so I did a search, and didn't really find anything that addressed this topic. I have to go out of town and my gravid female just started digging holes today. Unfortunately do to a family emergency I have to leave, but I have a friend staying over to take care of my chams. Actually she's here...
  13. sharlaxle

    Crazy Chameleon Lady

    Ok so apparently I am now known to the various kids on the block as the chameleon lady. There was a rare day of sun yesterday and so I hauled all of the cham cages in front of my wall of window. Floor to ceiling window covers the wall facing the backyard. So I get off early and come home...
  14. sharlaxle

    What do I need for this? (Mistking question)

    Hi everyone, I know many of you run the mist king mister, and having had to schedule cham-sitters on a pretty regular basis for the last month I have decided to invest in one. Here's the thing. I need to run 5 cages off of this.I am planning on buying the starter package, but what else do...
  15. sharlaxle

    Panther Sexing by dewlap?

    Hey all, I remember reading something in one of the sexing posts about being able to sex a panther by it's dewlap coloration? I did a few searches but have not come up with anything on this subject. So since I know that sexing via the hemipenal bulge can be dicey at times how does...
  16. sharlaxle

    Attack my little minions. ATTACK!

    Ok so I have a rather persistent infestation of what we call grease ants. (little black ants.) So this is my rant about how I am seriously considering letting the 26 little voracious eating hatchlings free range near where they are coming in at. Bet it wouldn't take three days before nary and...
  17. sharlaxle

    High Quality Translucent Veiled

    Hey guys, a friend wants a high translucent veiled chameleon. I don't do veils but does anyone here have one they are selling?
  18. sharlaxle

    fruit fly cultures for neonates

    Ok So with eggs in box, I am thinking about future feedings. My eggs are about 3 months along, and my question is thus: at what point in time should I buy the cultures to have a thriving fruit fly buffet ready to go? Some web sites say buy and get them started 5 months before hand, but that...
  19. sharlaxle

    Breeding or raising preying mantis

    Ok so due to the lack of anything besides crickets up here I am thinking about trying to raise some mantis for a different type of feeder. So how hard are they to raise? For those of you who have had them what do you suggest? Thanks all Sharl
  20. sharlaxle

    Cleaner crews?

    Ok so I have a question. Has anyone every heard of a cleaner crew? I was surfing an insect supplier when I ran across a listing for a medium cleaner crew. They look like a very creepy caterpillar type thing. Their name is Dermestid Beatles. Does anyone have any experience with these things? What...
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