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  1. mcghee26

    Outside enclosure temps???

    Ok I have a quick question. I have an ambilobe panther and he loves being outside. I had him outside this morning and he really got mad when I had to bring him in. So onto the question. Today it is going to reach 90 degrees outside, is that too hot to leave him outside for a couple of hours...
  2. mcghee26

    Misting Nozzles

    Can anywhere tell me where I can get some misting nozzles? Right now I have some plastic ones, but they clog very easy and would like to get some brass ones. I live near cleveland ohio and was wondering if anyone knew of anyplace local I might be able to get them.
  3. mcghee26

    Pinhead crickets needed badly

    I need some help here. I just had 11 baby jackson chameleons and am in desperate need of pinhead crickets. Is there anyone near the elyria/cleveland ohio area that I would be able to get some pinheads from this evening? I would really really appreciate it! Thanks!
  4. mcghee26

    Female Veiled going nuts

    I have a female veiled chameleon who is about 9-10 months old. I know everyone recommends waiting til females are at least 1 year of age to mate, but here is my question. She is going crazy in her cage the last couple of weeks, she can't sit still and is just all over the cage. She used to be...
  5. mcghee26

    Laying eggs

    Hello all! I have a quick question for all you experts out there. I have a female veiled who has just laid some eggs. The question I have is that she did not bury them. I had another veiled that laid an infertile batch of eggs and she did not bury them either. I have this current one that...
  6. mcghee26

    Egg incubation

    Have what might be a silly question but oh well here goes? Has anyone incubated veiled chameleon eggs in the bucket that they were laid in. Or is it to hard to keep the moisture right? Just curious?
  7. mcghee26

    Finally a successful mating!!! Now for the Questions!!

    I have finally mated my 2 veileds successfully yesterday and now have some questions about incubation and egg handling. I have been reading as much as I could on this site and the links that have been included on some of the posts. I do see that alot of people don't use an incubator. I would...
  8. mcghee26

    what is the best incubator to use

    Have a question for all of you out there. I am looking to breed my veiled chameleons here shortly and was wondering what would be the best incubator I could use. Also, not to sound cheap, but money is tight, and also am looking at the most cost effective. I was looking a lllreptile's...
  9. mcghee26

    how long to breed

    Hello all, and once again thanks again in advance. I just had my 9 month old female veiled, whose name happens to be eggs, lay her first clutch of infertile eggs. I was wondering how long I have to wait until she can be bred. I was planning on breeding her in a bout a month before I knew had...
  10. mcghee26

    possibly eggbound veiled?

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get on this. I have a female veiled about 9 months old. The last couple of days she hasn't eaten much, actually only 2 crickets in 3 days. I am sure she is eggbound because yesterday she laid one egg. I have not bred her yet so they ar infertile eggs. I...
  11. mcghee26

    Looking for a pair of Jackson's

    I am interested in buying a pair of jackson's for breeding purposes, I would like them to be the age that is ready to breed. I am willing to pay around $125.00 for the pair shipped. Please let me know if there is anything available out there. Thanks!!!
  12. mcghee26

    Where can I get silkies?

    Does anyone know where I could get silkies locally in teh cleveland, ohio area?
  13. mcghee26

    Male Veiled looking a little dehydrated

    Thanks for all the help in advance. I have a male veiled chameleon, about 6-8 months old. He has been doing fine eating well, drinking, and really has some nice coloring. He is housed in a 4X2X2 aluminum screened in enclosure, with a reptisun 5.o UVB light, his basking spot is about 100-110...
  14. mcghee26

    analog versus digital

    Hello again, I have a really quick question. Which type of hygrometer is more accurate and better to use. I have a digital one that is only reading 34% and 2 analog that are both reading about 70-75%. The digital one may have gotten wet and maybe that is why it is reading different but I...
  15. mcghee26

    humidity question

    Hello, I have a quick question to ask. I saw on here how to make a humidity system with a hlomes humidifier and pcv. I am trying to find that article again and can't. I would like to make it for cages and was wondering if someoen could tell me what i need or if that link is still in here...
  16. mcghee26

    Have a two horned chameleon with white on its skin

    I have my chameleon "horns" who just shed maybe a month ago and I came home today to some white spots on his skin as you can see in the pics. I made be overreacting and it just may be that he is shedding again, but just didn't think he would so soon. His appetite has been fine and he has been...
  17. mcghee26

    can chameleons eat fireflies?

    Is it ok for chameleons to eat fireflies (lightning bugs)? I have not fed my chameleons that, but there are a ton of them where I live and was just wondering if that is a safe bug for them to eat?
  18. mcghee26

    i have a frightened veiled

    I just got my first veiled, I have had a few chameleons in the past and now I have a cameroon chameleon, but this is my first veiled and I have a few questions. The chameleon I have is a female and I got her last friday. She has been very frightened every time I go in the room and will usually...
  19. mcghee26

    I think I have a sick female veiled

    Thanks in advance for any help! Let me start by saying that I just recently purchased a female veiled chameleon, she is about 6 inches in length. I already have a cameroon chameleon adn have had other species in the past, but this is the first time having a veiled. I did make the big no-no of...
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