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    There is this red piece of something in my chameleons stool should i be concerned

    There’s a red piece of something i cannot tell what it is maybe you guys can. Should i be concerned?
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    Might this be a stuck shed?

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    Enclosure and lighting

    So i recently switched to a 75 watt zoo med basking light. The highest of the cage is at about 90. Middle is about 80. And low is about 76-77. Are there’s temperatures good or not. I will also include pictures for any tips y’all can give me about my enclosure thanks. Also he is a male veiled not...
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    Mealworms to Beetles

    So i recently bought 500 mealworms not realizing they turned into beetles. I know mealworms aren’t the best feeders but, can i feel my chameleon the beetles that the mealworms turn into. As u can see some are close to becoming beetles. U can see some are becoming pupa
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    Chameleon sex

    I’m not too sure the age of my chameleon or the sex any and all positive comments help thanks. Also is my chameleon fat? I’ll attach some pictures. Any recommendations on his enclosure?
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