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    7 month Veiled Cham with Beautiful Set up

    Here it is guys, I am officially to busy to care for Yoshi. I wish someone will care for her as i did. Here is the ad...
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    Veiled chameleon Yoshi's enclosure

    I have seen lots of good pictures and videos of chameleon enclosures so I thought I would post a video of Yoshi's enclosure. Unfortunately I missed her eating out of her cup but I would love to hear what you guys think of my enclosure. I would also appreciate any tips to make it better. I am...
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    Yoshi is growing but still hand feeding

    Hey guys, so my 4 month old female veiled was immediately recognized for her lack of shyness. She is now a juvenile and still eating well out of my hands. She gets handled pretty much every day and never hisses up unless she catches a reflection of herself. She came from chroma chameleons in...
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    Baby Cham takes a bath!!

    Hey, Yoshi is back and she is taking a bath this time. She gets about one of these a week. I am using my spray bottle to give her the bath, the shower is just on to create a nice humid environment. She still eats out of my hands and is still really playful and friendly. Check out the video...
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    Baby Cham Eating/Drinking Vids!

    Hey guys, finally got around to uploading some videos of my cham. Shes a baby veiled named Yoshi in a 4 foot flexarium. Due to the size of the cham I hand feed her crickets, baby silkworms, phoenix worms and fruit flies. I've herd its pretty rare to see a cham this comfortable around owner so...
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