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  1. Lil’ Sneak

    How to Feed off pupated BSFL

    So, we just received 100 BSFL and several are already pupated. Just wondering if anyone has recommendation on how to feed them off. I'm thinking about placing the pupated larva in the enclosure, say in the pot of one of the plants and just waiting for them to hatch to flies...or should I hatch...
  2. Lil’ Sneak

    Caught a dragonfly today!

    This was so cool! We weren’t sure what he’d do, but he absolutely did!
  3. Lil’ Sneak

    Dusting the gutload?

    Newbie question; anyone have thoughts or information on dusting the gutload as opposed to the feeders? Is it possible?
  4. Lil’ Sneak

    Lights for the side of enclosure?

    Has anyone tried using light for the side of the enclosure? Something to penetrate a bit farther into the plants... We’re having a bit of dead leaves on the lower levels. Everything up top or within reach of the 6500k is thriving and lush. Just wondered what everyone’s thoughts were, or any...
  5. Lil’ Sneak

    Feeding the new guy?

    We have a 2 month old male Yemen. We got him last Friday, so, 6 days... We are trying to encourage him to use a TK Chameleons Shooting Gallery feeder to keep better track of what he’s eating, he hates it... I don’t think he’s even attempted to check it out. He loves free range feeding and he...
  6. Lil’ Sneak

    Build are we doing?

    So...we’ve been plugging along on our build, and we just ordered a male baby Veiled from FL Chams!!! Take a look and let me know if any of your trained eyes see any issues. Thinking about putting the TKChameleons shooting gallery on the right hand side, between the dragon ledges, towards the...
  7. Lil’ Sneak

    ATI SunPower Dimmable

    Is anyone using one of these?
  8. Lil’ Sneak

    New to forum and chameleons

    hello all, new to the forum and chameleons as well. My daughter has restarted my interest in raising and caring for a chameleon!!! She’s 12 and has been researching and reporting to me her findings by the minuet. I have to admit, she’s completely drug me into the “rabbit-hole” that is chameleon...
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