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  1. Meximeleon

    Just a Few

    I just wanted to share some pics of my new 8 month old WC Nosy-Komba I got last Sunday. I got him from Chameleons Northwest, drove down to their shop...I must say it was very very impressive all they're animals were amazing and extremely healthy. Well here he is. Thanks for looking!
  2. Meximeleon

    Baby Pygmy chameleon surprise!!!!

    Well ten minutes ago I went to my room to shut off the pygmy chameleon lights a little late...anyways to my surprise I found 2 baby pygmy chameleons in the enclosure! I just whipped up a enclosure for them a small 2.5 gallon with some plants and some sticks. I will have pictures up soon let me...
  3. Meximeleon

    WTB: Dubia Roaches.

    I am looking for some Dubia roaches small to medium size only looking for about 30 right now. Thanks!
  4. Meximeleon

    Jacksons custom built enclosure!!!

    Well I just finished my custom built enclosure today so I decided to show it here. The dimensions of the enclosure are 27x18x45 in inches. I built it for my female jacksons and so far she is loving it! Here are some pics enjoy :).
  5. Meximeleon

    Humidifier 45$ OBO

    I have a Zoo Med Repti-fogger for sale 45$ shipped to your door! All works great just slightly used. Thanks
  6. Meximeleon

    How does her inclosure look?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering how my female jacksons enclosure looks. And if there is anything I need to improve or change please let me know! Here are some pics of the enclosure and my girl shedding!
  7. Meximeleon

    Pygmy Chameleon eggs!!

    Hello everyone I have a few questions. Well a few days back I found some pygmy chameleon eggs in the pygmy tank when I was changing the setup and I'm not sure how long they've been buried. And just today i found three more eggs, just laid fresh and I was wondering what temps i need to keep the...
  8. Meximeleon


    Hey everyone, I was wondering when should i start feeding my female jacksons chameleon every other day.....she is about seven months old and around 6 1/2 inches long or should I already have started feeding her every other day? thanks everyone in advance.
  9. Meximeleon

    Big Enough?

    Well to start off I have a Female Jacksons Chameleon and she is about 6 months old. I am planning on upgrading my small zoo med screen terrarium to a 38 Gallon Apogee Reptarium. And I was wondering if this was a big enough Reptarium for a full grown female? Please help. Thanks a Lot. :D
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