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  1. Tifanydalpont

    stupid WHITE FLY's

    i'm haveing a problem with white flies that are living on my habiscus plant in my cammy cage!..they dont seem to be bothering Jack (veiled cammy almost 4 years old) but are living under the top leaves near the lights??? I've never had this before I think they came from a my patio??? so far I've...
  2. Tifanydalpont

    jack ate his first pinkie mouse!!

    i know it's bad to feed once a month ok...i gave him it to get a little prtien and iron..i know too much protein causes Gout...he first time i tried he kinda looked at me like"what the hell it that!lol...yay he's all growed up know his about 3 years old know
  3. Tifanydalpont in CA

    so for the last month or so I cant buy them on this site.usually am able to buy hornedworms and silkworms here in CA. but they have been unavailble to purchase. Is there another site in the u.s. or ca that also sells them???:eek:
  4. Tifanydalpont

    love my Jack!!!

    my male veiled is about 2 1/2 i think...WE've had our ups and downs...i leave his cage open all the time now i some times find him sleep on the fake tree next to his cage...i used to just let the crickets free in his cage but now i bowl feed to keep track of his;s just too hard while...
  5. Tifanydalpont

    angry jack it back once again!!!...

    now that this is the 2 nd time it delt with the angry and territorial disply...i now know this must be breeding season....same time last year he'll flair up and i know to give him he's space and not to bother him too much...he's still eatting and drinking so i know he'll be ok...this...
  6. Tifanydalpont

    so to everyone that wondering if there uv light is working

    if you have a live plant in the cage and it's dieing means that the light is not strong enounght for the plant to live ...which mean its not enought for your your cammy to live!!!! :eek:
  7. Tifanydalpont

    Jack raped the log!!!!

    i was clean my 2 1/2 year old male veiled cage when he flared i though he wanted his plant back in his cage i put it back in and well a a wood i was wrapping his vines back around the wood log he flared up again at the log like it was alive and i thought it was funny cuz i've...
  8. Tifanydalpont

    I've gotten lazy!!

    I've had jack about 1 1/2 years now...i gotten really lazy with him...i check on him every day....right now i buy enought silkworms and horned worms for 2 weeks the switch to crickets and supers for the next 2 weeks... when feeding the silks and horned i dont dust with nuts...but i do when...
  9. Tifanydalpont


    offered jacky some watermeleon and he ate it!! first time ever he ate fruit!! is it ok for him:D
  10. Tifanydalpont

    shedding after 1 year??

    I;ve notice jackie a 1 1/2 year old male vailed is not shedding as often... it used to be every month or soo.. I havent seen he shed in 4-5 months now is that normal
  11. Tifanydalpont

    jack is back!!!!!!!

    after 2 months of hissing,bright colors, not eatting,and not drinking........:D.jack has finally calmed down and now trusts me again to feed, hold, mist and be in his cage with no problems!!! yay
  12. Tifanydalpont

    rancid smelling poop

    found a poopwith horrible smellit was undigested butter worms
  13. Tifanydalpont

    wet poop???

    today my 1year 3 month old male veiled pooped. was very watery with clear and light brown poop part and white pee sack??? what does that mean??:confused:
  14. Tifanydalpont


    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - vieled, male, and 14 months of your chameleon. 12 months been in your care? Handling - last 1 1/2 never before 2 times a week Feeding - What are you feeding your cham?before crickets, super, wax butters,silks, and moths, horned moths...
  15. Tifanydalpont

    chammy hiding all day at the bottom of his plant

    ive tried to leave him alone but its been a month now !!!hes still hiding
  16. Tifanydalpont


    hes been hiding ever since and very dark.... a few weeks go he fell and was very angry at me while he was picked up with a towel to be put back in hes cage..i used to sleep at the top of his cage and id check on him a hour after his light turned on to make sure his getting his uvb... but now...
  17. Tifanydalpont

    fell and now very angry at me

    he fell yesturday and got very bright and thin when he was on the floor i had to help him with a towel to get him back in the cage because he was trying to bite me.... he fell before and was ok the next day... but today he was the same color bright yellow and green and was hissing at me!!!!
  18. Tifanydalpont

    yay he made it

    jackie jacks now 1 year old... boy we had a ruff one he had mbd when i got him
  19. Tifanydalpont


    sooo since my cammys been refusing to drink water i didnt mist for a few days monitering hes condition of course!!!... and finally today when i misted the leaves:D for 3 mins... he finally excepted water for the spray bottle yay!!!!
  20. Tifanydalpont

    The great escape lol!!!

    not really though... i came home tonight and found my cammy cage door open and him sleeping on the tree next to it!!!lol so glad he didn't wonder off the tree!!! i got to make sure i lock his cage before i leave:eek:
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