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  1. KingJulian

    Do your chams like hats?

    So during feeding time, we had a cricket escape and go under the cage. My boyfriend was trying to get it out when Loki decided to climb out onto his hat :)
  2. KingJulian

    Sleeping Cutie :)

    They always look so peaceful when sleeping. It's the cutest thing :)
  3. KingJulian

    Escape Artist

    So I decided to put Loki outside to get some fresh sunlight and air and figured it would be a good time to go over my note cards (final exams this week :eek: ) I literally looked down at 1 note card and looked back up and he was off his plant and on the run! Such a brat :p
  4. KingJulian

    Eating strike

    I have had my 1.3 year old male ambilobe for 4 months now and he has been eating fine everyday...just recently he has went on an eating strike not eating anything I offer him (Dubias, Crickets, or Supers) He has eaten only one super in the past 4.5 days. He recently just shed his tail but the...
  5. KingJulian

    Puffing up Opening mouth and Twisting

    I currently have a 1.5 year old male Ambilobe panther chameleon. When I see him sometimes he will puff up open his mouth and somewhat twist his body. He does this probably 2-3 times a day if that. Is he yawning? He isnt in full body shed but parts of his body are shedding at the moment like his...
  6. KingJulian

    These always make me laugh

    I love catching these rare moments on camera where you get BOTH eyes looking at you. Brings a smile every time.
  7. KingJulian

    Ambilobe tucked in for bed

    It's funny how he curls up for bed 30 minutes before he knows the lights go out. Anyone else get these black spikes and spots like this?
  8. KingJulian

    Inactive every morning

    Hi there, My year old panther male is not active in the mornings. He bounces off the walls around bedtime but every morning, he just sits there...gray. His lights go off at 7:15 and turn on at 8am. I think this is because he has a shed coming on soon. His last shed was January 7th. Is it...
  9. KingJulian

    A Color Question

    Hello, I have a one year old male ambilobe in a 2x2x4 screen cage. The question I have is that when he goes to bed he has his night time color "PJ's" on but when I wake up in the morning to feed him, lately hes been just drab gray and dark. A cold front just came through could that have anything...
  10. KingJulian

    Maturity question

    My year and 3 month male ambilobe doesn't flare up at anything. I show him himself and he doesn't puff up or anything it's like he could care less. He just wants to climb on himself...haha. Is this normal?
  11. KingJulian

    Can anyone else relate

    My 1 year old male ambilobe sits in his sleep spot with his tail curled up all day. I don't know if it's because he's uncomfortable with something or what. Anyone else have chams that stay where they sleep?
  12. KingJulian

    Quick Basking light question

    Hey everyone, quick question, I'm housing my panther chameleon in a 2x2x4 with a 60watt house bulb and a 8.5 inch dome housing. He just seems lethargic and wont really eat. I was thinking about upping his basking bulb to a 75 watt bulb to see if that helps but I'm honestly scared of...
  13. KingJulian

    The Green Ambilobe...haha

    Just snapped this funny pic:D
  14. KingJulian

    Anyone Else???

    I wake up everyday around nine and my ambilobe is in the spot where he sleeps, his lights are on a timer so his lights turn on at eight. The question that I have is, is it normal for them to basically sit there almost all day? I mean he eats there, drinks there, and might move around his vine...
  15. KingJulian

    Just a quick question

    Is it ok to put my panther in the warm shower with city water? If so how long should you keep em in there for? Thanks
  16. KingJulian

    Another picture of Loki

    I guess he wasn't to fond of my phone...still no bright colors but but green but that's ok with me...he's still my bud!
  17. KingJulian

    Eating his shedding

    I guess the title pretty much speaks for itself, my ambilobe just are a shed that came off his bottom this ok?
  18. KingJulian

    How does he look?

    This is my new ambilobe male about a year and 2 months. How does he look?
  19. KingJulian

    Eating and shedding

    I have a one year old panther chameleon who is going through a shed. I just purchased him on Thursday 1/3/2013. Since I've had him I've seen him eat once, but drinks alot during the day. He seems very agitated at almost everything, puffing up for almost no reason. Is he trying to break the skin...
  20. KingJulian

    Any good Cham vets in Orlando???

    I currently live in Orlando as a student at UCF and was wondering if there are any good chameleon vets around the university.
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